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Initial post 23 APR 15 by dseabrook
Jackson-Perkins is also selling Fame! now.
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Initial post 17 NOV 14 by dseabrook
I received no email after several tries - is it because it is Sunday?.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 18 NOV 14 by HMF Admin
We are in the process of sorting out an issue with some internet service providers (ISPs) assuming any emails with a return address of ????@HelpMeFind are spam and blocking them. Email spammers use fake return email addresses. There is nothing to prevent them from sending emails and pretending they are from HelpMeFind, which they do. When you send email you can use any return email address you want and they use this loophole to their advantage. After awhile some ISPs start blocking ALL email from those suspect addresses.

Fortunately the tech industry has developed technology to thwart this misuse of email but it takes time for it to work its way to every nook and cranny in the internet. It has to be implemented on both the sending and the receiving side - our email servers and your ISP. For those interested, you can learn all about the technology by googling "email spf".

So... if you do not receive your new member confirmation email, first check you email software's spam folder and if it's not there, contact our support department and they will manually confirm your account status.

And yes, this onerous account confirmation process is necessary because quite frequently people attempt to use anonymous guest access to HMF to upload inappropriate material, e.g. advertising, pornography, etc.
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