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6 JUL 16
First bloom 7/4/2016 on own-root plant from Edmunds. Thought it was a mislabel, a definite yellow, matches the pictures on this site in color and form. Looks like parent Distant Drums in form but not color. I prefer Distant Drums.
23 MAY 16
I planted a band (about 1 year old rooted cutting) of about 10" from Rogue Valley Roses. It was planted next to my Errinerung An Brod from Palatine Nurseries

About 3 weeks now after planting, the plant had only 5 leaves left!! It got Blackspot that bad and I think something (rabbit?) might have eaten the very top. The remaining leaves are spotted and pathetic looking.

I am going to have to try using a fungicide on this plant because I just want to have it get established, and then if it suffers a little blackspot usually the plant will live I will not use fungicide once established.

The good news is even before spraying, I am seeing tiny swollen buds of growth along the stem.

I noticed that a lot of the bands I planted were not accustomed to my level of sunlight and browned a little, where before the burned leaves fell, new stronger growth began to replace it.

Hoping to save Paul Fontaine because the pictures of the flowers are amazing!

Edit: He came back strong within a month and is outpacing any losses to blackspot. Has sent out about a flower every 2 weeks, and I will take his cage away soon! And I only sprayed that once at the beginning to save its life. I am hoping it just will be stronger now that it adjusted to its new home.
21 MAY 16
Trying a Distant Drums this season. The colors were captivating and I passed on a $38. bush in full bloom at an expensive nursery in North Syracuse , only to find it the following day at WALMART in full bloom for only $10.! It had the same supplier as well, Week's roses. Everyone is struck by how gorgeous it looks planted, and I bought a second one for my baby sitter!
11 MAY 16
Band acquired from A Reverence for Roses, 4/2016 own root.

"Special" Location near road, the front of the field, where there is a old power pole (as well as a new one). The Idea is to allow the rose to disguise the pole, and the town shouldn't bother cutting it off the disused one.

Chose this "salt tolerant" rose because they salt the roads a lot around here in winter. I usually reserve these places for Rugosas (i see them all over ocean beaches in Long Island), but this power pole was calling out...
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