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11 MAY 15
At the old house I always had the worst trouble with this bush. It was forever fighting blackspot and was a sadly scraggly thing. But now, here it is at the new house, covered with buds and sending up shoots as thick as my pinky. Maybe this red clay isn't so bad.
11 MAY 15
Piñata seems to have the property that its petals turn color in the sun. Underside of the petals are lighter than the upper. Furthermore, it appears that upper petals' shadows make the lower petals lighter colored. Meanwhile, the sun-catching parts of the petals turn from white to yellow to orange to red. It reminds me of that solar print paper I used when I was a kid.
10 MAY 15
Oh, wow, yes, this is a very vigorous plant! And the fragrance is really strong. Individual flowers, not so much, but when the whole plant is in bloom, you can smell it on the breeze up to 20 feet away. If you've ever dreamt of being able to walk through a rose-perfumed garden, then this is a good choice. The prickles, as on many ground cover roses, are vicious. It seems to tolerate forgetful watering and heat. Overall I am very pleased with it. Part of me does wonder why its official name is "Chewground" though. I am a little leery of planting it at the edge of my property as it sort of looks like it has potential to go invasive.
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