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Initial post 14 days ago by perpetua
Beautiful!My Chevy Chase is only 2 yrs old and I was going to have it climb into a tree,but I love what you've done with it,so I'm tempted to try to do it too,don't know if I'd be equal to the task though...How and when do you prune it?Don't you get crazy laterals on all the horizontal canes?How do you keep it so neat and tidy?How does it take strong winds/storms?How tall is it?Thank you.
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Initial post 2 OCT by perpetua
stunning!the roses look like whipped cream!
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Initial post 25 AUG by perpetua
stunning!!! I look forward to planting my own Dinky next spring!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 16 SEP by Janine Arlette
You will be a happy camper :-) This rose is without any disease and v e r y vigorous in my garden. The huge bloom clusters are the most beautiful part, of course.
I ordered two more in order to plant a hedge to my neighbours.
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Initial post 25 AUG by perpetua
gorgeous!!! I can barely wait to see it flowering in my garden!
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