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Badger Rose
'Velvet Fragrance (Hybrid Tea, Fryer before 1985)' rose photo
Photo courtesy of Badger Rose
Badger Rose
Wisconsin, United States
I live outside of Madison, Wisconsin (zone 5a) where winters are long, snowy, and very cold and summers are hot and humid--perhaps one of the worst climates to grow roses!? Last summer-2015-I got the Rose Fever and ordered way too many. I persuaded my sister to help me plant them all, and, to be equal in tedious labor tasks, I conned my husband to hand build a low cedar fence around them to keep the rabbits out. Unfortunately, the fence reduces air circulation so there's more blackspot.

This past fall I carefully packed long pine needles around the bases of all my roses to protect them from the elements. It was a mild winter and I was thrilled to see how much green there was! Apparently, though, the pine needles were a perfect habitat for some voles who were appreciative of the cozy crevices and bountiful food supply of the base of the canes. I had to cut all that beautiful wood back due to their damage I found after pulling the pine needles away. The cure is what kills you I guess. I fix one problem only to make another!

As you can see I'm a beginner who's had just enough luck to make me come back for more. I've enjoyed reading people's posts, looking at photos (over and over again), and learning about roses. I like the look of many-petaled, hybrid teas or English-style roses. I grow almost exclusively own-root roses and seek ones that are allegedly disease resistant and fragrant.
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