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Initial post 3 APR by NewDawn
Mary's Plant Farm also carries this rose.
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Does anyone know how this rose is for Black spot?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 2 FEB by Rupert, Kim L.
That is going to be a rather difficult thing to determine. There are numerous strains of black spot in the US. Not all affect every rose, nor are all of them in the same location. What affects a particular rose in one location may not exist across the country, so the rose may be highly resistant to the strain or strains of black spot occurring where I live, while the same rose may be highly susceptible to the strain or strains of it where you live. Or, vice versa. If you notice, you will often find the comment "highly disease resistant" on a rose's page, yet in the comments you often find that it is highly susceptible to one or more diseases in the commentators' gardens. William Radler, the creator of Knock Out, literally collected black spot from around the country in hopes of gathering all the various strains possible so he could expose his seedlings to as many of them as possible. This permitted him to select the healthiest ones to the most strains. Even then, Knock Out has been found to be cleaner in some areas than others. The best information should come from those growing the particular rose where you live. At least then, you could make a guess whether it is resistant to the strains prevalent where you are. Good luck!
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While this rose may benefit from some shade in a relentlessly sunny clime, it did terribly with only Eastern exposure and afternoon shade from all sides in my Zone 6 loamy base clay. It is prone to BS here even in full sun, but it's tolerable. This rose is definitely better grown as a climber as its canes are lax. In any case, this allows the gorgeous, fragrant flowers to be seen up close. It was completely cane hardy at the limits of a Z6 winter with -7F for multiple nights and days in the single digits.
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