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Cuttings: 9 ttl. containers, 16 cuttings:
Duchesse de Brabandt; 9-12 Zaide 9-12;Bl.Abundance x3 9-12;Parade and Blossomtime 10-4;DBuss, recut 10-11;BubbleBath 10-11;Belinda x2 10-11;Cl.Cl.Soupert x4 10-12;NOID CB or LaMarne 9-10/10-18.
Extanct rooted cuttings:
Gifted: Fl.Rosita x2;Pretty Jessica;Scepter'd Isle.
20 varieties & 42 total Personal:CB or LaMarne 1;Bl. Abundance1;Red Cascade 2;The tooth Fairy 3;EVS 1;NOID AB 2; Cl. Jackie 2;Viking Queen 5;Ballerina 4; NOID 3; Jean le Joie 1; Teasing Georgia 1;Caroline Testout 1;New Dawn 1; Maggie 2;Aloha; Awakening 1; Pink Pet 3; Zaide 2; Holly 1.
Repotted 2 Diplandia into 5 gallon pots. Repotted avocado. Medium = soil 2, Peat 2, mulch 2.11/6: repotted Jasmine x 1.
Callus on Zaid cutting.11/8: repotted Jasmine x1. Sprayed insecticide on all cuttings and rooted cuttings.11/9: sprayed fungicide on all cuttings and footings. received 3 roses from Peter Schneider and repotted. Dreamland; Ascot; Peggy M.11/12: brought all cuttings and rooted cuttings into Solarium with extra light. Also hooked up heating pad for cuttings and select rootings ie. Red Cascade.11/14:repotted Pink Pet *2. Brought in all plants to vestibule: ppx2,cl cs x2, the Fairy,adc,DE, 11/16: Hooked up 2nd heater in solarium.
10/2: potted up two NOID cuttings from ground, 1 with white flower i e. The Tooth Fairy struck 8/9 or Lindee? 10/4 Cuttings: ToothFairyx2,Blossomtimex1&Paradex1 in ground; Bl x1&ParadeX1 in cups.10/4:repotted Cl. Crimson Glory to large pot10/9: repotted Mme. CarolineTestout to large pot &planted Maggie in SW corner of upper bed.10/11: transplanted Bubble Bath to front of Northwest Fountain Bed and planted hydrangea/ tradescantia in its place . Transplanted Belinda to front of Northeast Fountain Bed and planted hydrangea in its stead. 10/13: moved all cuttings and rootings to vestibule.10/17: planted out Doublefile Viburnum "Shasta" on far hill of back 40 .10/18: Extant rooted cuttings... Ballerina x3, Viking Queen x 2, Bloomfield Abundance x1,Teasing Georgia x1, jean Lajoie x 1, NOID x3, Pink Pet x2 (2017), Flamenco Rosita x2, Cl. Jackie x2.. Re-potted Aloha to xtra large pot. Mix is 3 peat mix, 2 mulch, 1 perlite, 1 pure peat 3.5cups organic fetilizer. Struck cuttings NOID x1,Retook Parade or Blossomtime from 8/30 cutting that lost roots. Potted rooted cuttings...Aloha x1 8-30,PinkPet x2/3 8-30,Maggie x2 8-30,Awakening x1 8-30,Tess x1/3 8-31 (only 1 survived),Aloha x3 8-31, Mme. Caroline Testout x1 8-31, NOID x1, New Dawn x1 9-4, NOID Anne Boleyn x1 9-6, NOID x1 9-12 from 8-9 in ground planting. This is either La Marne or Carefree Beauty. used regular band mix with equal parts perlite ...all pre-wet. 10/19: struck cutting Cl.Clotilde Soupert x4. Potted rooted cuttings in same mix. Aloha x1,9-4-18, NOID AnneBoleyn x1 8-19-18/9-6-18, Zaide x1 9-12 callous only,Zaide x1 9-12, Viking Queen x1 9-18 callous only. Viking Queen unknown strike date, but WELL rooted. 10/29: repotted Clothilde SoupertX 2, The Fairy, Duchesse de Brabandt & Excellencez Von Schubert. Excellent roots on ! Mix = 2 peat, 2 mulch, 1 vermiculite, 1 / light, 1 manure, 3.5 organic fertilizer.10/31: repotted Darlow's Enigma, Nahema. Potted up Ballerinax2 10/28, Viking Queenx2 10/25,1x NOID.10/31: down-potted Jean laJoie, potted up Red Cascade x 2... Callus small root 8/31, 9/17. Potted up EVS from 9/18 cutting. Repotted Ballerina from 8/14. Repotted Teasing Georgia ... struck 7/24 potted up 9-8.
9/2: Tess x 2 (one died). 9/4: potted up h. Oakleaf(died), New Dawn x 3(2 died), cuttings Darcey Bussell X2(died), SR(died), Aloha X2,H. Annabelle, h Bobo, H. 'TP'.9/5:rooted Cl. Jackie x1. 9/6:NOID AB x3, deer x2. 9/7:roots seen! on Cl.Jackie x2, Teasing Georgia x1,Jean LaJoie x1,NOID #6 small hip.Also Cl. Caroline Testout from 8/31! Recut RedCascade,NOID or Mme Plantier x2,#?x1(MR orOKh?)All died. Took cutting White Meidilland(died). 9/8: potted up TGeorgiax1, JlaJoiex1. 9/10:potted up #6 NOID small hip(died), Cl.Jackie x2, Phyllis bide X2(died) . 9/12: potted up NOID CB/LaM from ground cutting, took cuttings of Zaide x 3 Awakening, Bloomfield abundance X3, Duchesse de Brabant, Clothilde Soupert moved NOID CB/LaM from ground with New Cut. Potted up ground cutting no ID La Marne Carefree Beauty. Potted up X3 NOID The Fairy, Ballerina, Awakening, NOIDAnne Boleyn, LaMarne, Carefree Beauty.9/25:potted up BA from 8/30 cutting! Roots on VQx2 (8/30?), PPet x3(8/30)1 died,NOID CB/LaMm,Aw,Ball,TF,BDream? x2. 9/26: dug up and potted lavender Lassie in mulch 3, potting soil 2, perlite 1, manure one, tomato tone in five gallon bucket. Repotted CL. Crimson Glory in large pot with mulch 3, potting soil 1, perlite one, tomato tone.

N.B.: Cuttings in ground did well, but slow with small roots except those in Wood compost. Those had excellent roots very quickly. Those in mulch with watering almost 100%! Those in seed starting mix did worst with slow growth and small strike rate less ~10% ie. 4/44..
Vigorous growth and Bloom. Mine exhibits none of the blush or gold tones seen in mr. Starnes photos. Instead, it is white tinged with pink. Only the buds are golden apricot. Perhaps this will improve with age. Heavy black spot.
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