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Vigorous growth and Bloom. Mine exhibits none of the blush or gold tones seen in mr. Starnes photos. Instead, it is white tinged with pink. Only the buds are golden apricot. Perhaps this will improve with age. Heavy black spot.
8/1:Planted New Dawn on Western driveway fence. Repotted Darlow's Enigma and Cl.Clothilde Soupert.8/3: repotted Cl. La France, Prosperity& Betty Prior.8/4: repotted Red Cascade, NOID SR & EVS/GDOL. 8/5: planted Pink Pet, White Meidilland, Ch-Ching, All My Loving in Fountain beds.
New growth on Viking Queen, Falstaff and Heathcliff and ND. 8/9: sprayed all roses with cyf and sulfur. Struck cuttings of Carefree Beauty, La Marne and Tooth Fairy using wood chips and behind H.s.8/10: planted Sugar Moons in Fountain Bed. Repotted Cornelia and Maggie ( large pot).8/14: dug up and potted MAC (looking poorly), repotted Windchimes and Sky Rocket. Potted cuttings in ground: Tooth Fairy, Viking Queen, Anne Boleyn, Ballerina. Very small roots on all except Viking Queen.8/17-18:fertilized ALL plants in upper beds. Transplanted small MNLv with large root.8/19: fertilized remainder of plants except those potted in front. Deer entered and are Belinda's Dream, etc . 8/20: repotted rooted Peggy Martin, Archduke Charles and Bloomfield Abundance. Last lipstick plant dead. Around this time, cutting of CdM 8/27: potted up Mount Airy h. Oakleaf.8/28: potted Ballerina cutting x2,granules on SRomance.8/30: took cuttings from Darcey Bussellx3, The Tooth Fairy, Bloomfield Abundance, Awakening, Belinda's Dreamx2, Maggie&Pink Pet.8/31: Aloha X3, Tessx 3, MC Testout x 1, Setina x 2 x 2, Blossomtime, Parade.
Planted Marie Pavie& Dble Pink KO near wpg.cherry tree.Setina re-budding.7/6: treated all roses sprayed B/S + ironrite.7/10: granular on Awakening, Sally Holmes, Felicia.7/11: cuttings: ballerina, tooth fairy, Viking Queen, New Dawn, Blossom time, parade. Hydrangea Annabelle, L A Dreamin, Twist and Shout.7/12: planted Valentine in Fountain West bed.7/13: fertilized all potted outdoor plants.7/14: liquid fertilized Ballerina, ABoleyn, Bolero &SW upper bed MW. Planted Falstaff in SE upper bed by landing.7/17: planted Belinda's Dream in bed by cherry tree.VP in flower.7/18: transplanted VQ to Upper South Corner Bed. Planted Ghislande de Feligonde in its place in lower Eastern bed by pool room. Planted Phyllis Bide next to Florentina by garage South Exposure. Planted Violet's Pride in driveway bed next to Cinco de Mayo. Transplanted black-eyed Susan in front of brick wall.Cuttings of PB.7/19: visited IWMGs &CPofR.7/23:deer evidence.
7/24: Planted cuttings. #1: Red Cascadex2, Jean laJoiex2, Lilac Rosex3 #2: Mary Rose x2, Omar khayyamx3#3: Windrushx3, White Grootendorst x4#4: Abe Darbyx3, Seven Sistersx4, Madame Plantierx3,NOIDx11 #5:1st Lightx2 #8:Hanseat x2,Cl. Jackiex2, Red Fountainx2. 7/24:#5:Teasing Georgia. X3 #6: Princess Alexandra, Gallica 'Complicata', Gallica 'Versicolor', Russelliana,Marechal Davoust. H.'Limelight'(d.), Callicarpa.
7/25: Sprayed BS etc on all roses except ND, SR & polys.7/26: sprayed all remaining roses. Fertilized potted plants in back, SR, TF, MW, AB, I avender Lassie. Miracid on MW, Ballerina, Mme N leV.7/27: repotted Flamenco Rosita, rooted cuttings. Also Duchesse de Brabant, Bloomfield Abundance, Nahema, Scepter'd Isle, Pretty Jessica. 7/28: planted Heathcliff in driveway bed.7/31: cuttings TF,VQ,Ballerina, Awakening.
Cuttings alive as of 8 / 26. red Cascade X1, Jle J x1, teasing Georgia X1, Omar khayyam X1, Mary Rose X1, climbing Jackie X2, , no ID or madame plantier, number six versicolor or russeliana and Princess Alexandra or Marechal Davoust.
6/2: put into pots Penelope and dead? Chuckles. Transplanted MAC by fountain and moved Felicia to Western Fountain Bed.6/5: planted out Quietness and Sally Holmes. Pellets on all newly planted and those on fountain beds.6/6: Annabelle and Yucca full in full bloom. Potted up C Brunner (d.)& repotted Setina.6/7: planted spirea 'Waterer' and 2x hydrangea cuttings in Fountain beds. Repotted 2xPink Pets. 6/9: repotted 2xCSs, 1xSummer Romance, 1x The Fairy. Deadheaded ND and other roses. 6/10:s Sprayed C&BS on all roses. Deadheaded almost all ND.6/21: bloom on Chuckles,GB,Tess,SH, many H.,Nahema. Rebloom on BT, CL. Crimson Beauty.6/24: planted Lindee in Southeast upper bed between DD and AB. Deadheaded remaining ND. Already setting new buds. Pruned weeping cherry. Transplanted 2X BeyedS to front bed by driveway. Prosperity in bloom. Rebloom on SR.6/27: scepter'd Isle, pretty Jessica and gold blush in bloom.6/29: Planted out 'Chuckles' in W. fountain bed.
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