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6/2: put into pots Penelope and dead? Chuckles. Transplanted MAC by fountain and moved Felicia to Western Fountain Bed.6/5: planted out Quietness and Sally Holmes. Pellets on all newly planted and those on fountain beds.6/6: Annabelle and Yucca full in full bloom. Potted up C Brunner (d.)& repotted Setina.6/7: planted spirea 'Waterer' and 2x hydrangea cuttings in Fountain beds. Repotted 2xPink Pets. 6/9: repotted 2xCSs, 1xSummer Romance, 1x The Fairy. Deadheaded ND and other roses. 6/10:s Sprayed C&BS on all roses. Deadheaded almost all ND.6/21: bloom on Chuckles,GB,Tess,SH, many H.,Nahema. Rebloom on BT, CL. Crimson Beauty.6/24: planted Lindee in Southeast upper bed between DD and AB. Deadheaded remaining ND. Already setting new buds. Pruned weeping cherry. Transplanted 2X BeyedS to front bed by driveway. Prosperity in bloom. Rebloom on SR.6/27: scepter'd Isle, pretty Jessica and gold blush in bloom.6/29: Planted out 'Chuckles' in W. fountain bed.
5/1/18: Landscape fabric and manure on remaining upper bed with small exceptions.5/3: All ARE plants arrived! TT applied to all upper and lower side beds for rose slug.Weak Sulfur applied to Aloha, Maggie, Setina, Blossomtime,Florentina, Zaide, Peggy Martin, Heathcliff, Sugar Moon and Falstaff. No slug damage on landscape fabric (lf) covered soil! Buds on DB,Mme LeV,DD,FBlush,Flstf,SM,LL.5/4: buds on The Tooth Fairy, Gruss an Aachen, Bolero, Yvonne Rabier Ballerina, New Dawn, NOID ZD, Cinco de Mayo, Ch-Ching, Barcelona, Violet's Pride, All My Loving, Belinda's Dream.5/5: buds on FO, red and pink drift, Viking Queen. TT on roses in front pots.5/7: Blossom time, setina, parade open Blooms, but floppy. Watered well. Bud on Florentina.!5/9:alf'ed & manure & compost lower Eastern beds. Partially clipped Hedge and blew off driveway.5/10:drenched HC&Aloha. Alf &manured all roses. Excavated polysteps. 5/11:Sprayed all potted roses and upper bed except ND&Zaide.5/12: Removed euonymous. from dead elm. Re-potted MP in "magic mix".Great growth from C. LaF, WC, MP Val.5/14: repotted many roses.1st flower on Cl. Clothilde Soupert. 5/14: repotted all except GdF&GB.5/15:potted GdF&GB.1st full bloom on Zaide, PM,DB&SR. ND by parking lot leafing out. SW, geranium, in flower. 5/16:drenched Zaidex2, Molineux,FC,Tess.Granule&fertilized all on upper level except Mkolorscape,YR&GaA. Pink peony in bloom.5/18 YR &TF in bloom.New red peony in bloom. SprayedTheF,CBx2,BA,DdB.5/19: new pink peony in bloom. Sprayed all potted plants.5/22:CdM bloom.TF full bloom.tess,gaa,mol,ball,ND all flowering. Granules driveway&pool rm/polys.5/28:DblePink KO from Walmart $2.50.5/29: spray all potted plants.Dead head TF.Blooms on Cl. LaFrance, ADC,Milano, Fl, BBath.5/31: received from TK in MN cuttings Pretty Jessica, Darlow's Enigma and Scepter'd Isle. Potted in quart pots. Repotted DPKO in gallon pot. Bloom on CL Pinky.
27 FEB
Transplanted Stachys Lanata to lower Northeast bed. Planted Milano kolorscape in U bed. Dug hole next to wooden parking lot fence.
2/27: transplanted large New Dawn to wooden parking lot fence.3/6: sprayed potted plants for aphids. Sprayed all other plants with dormant oil.3/24 received plants from Spring Hill. 3 / 25 soaked. 3 / 26 planted in pots Ch-Ching, All My Loving, Violet's Pride and Lady in Red. Planted Florentina in ground by Northeast Garage.3/31: planted Cinco de Mayo in front bed by brick wall. Start pruning smaller shrub roses. Moved Sugar Moon and Heathcliff outside4/6: cleared out mid-back-40. .4/7: Pruned and tied N&NE NewDawns. Continued pruning MW.4/8: bought Chuckles, Belinda's dream, and Robin Hood at Menards 4 $5.49. Body bag. Going back for nearly Wild and Caldwell pink.4/11: dug holes in North West bed by fountain. Planted Chuckles and Robin Hood.4/12: planted hydrangea from upper-level rooting in n w Fountain Bed.4/13: removed old leaves and plastic from upper beds. Applied soil drench with fertilizer. Continued cutting honeysuckle with Elmer. Moved out Zaid, Falstaff from pool room. With Heathcliff and SM on overlook.4/14: watered and fertilized all potted roses inside. Parade, Maggie, DdB and Aloha all setting bud. Planted Holly rootings. Planted darlow's Enigma cuttings one of which had already calloused in water.4/17: Setina setting buds. Planted in pot Belinda's Dream.4/22: Bought at Menard's Snowflake (White Meidiland) and Pink Pet. 4/23 Put out all brush from lower level.4/24: planted "Snowflake" AKA 'White Meidiland'.4/25: ironrite, manure and compost Northwest upper bed . 4/26: planted pink pet AKA Caldwell pink. Finished all pruning.4/28 re-potted 4xNOID rootings.4/29: ironrite South and Southeast roses upper bed. Landscape fabric on entire Southwest and South beds plus manure on 2 New Dawn. First buds on Summer Romance and Munstead Wood.4/30: First Buds on NOID Anne Boleyn and Peggy Martin. Planted NOD Iris in front bed and upper beds.
ARE order 2/7/18: Archduke Charles, Chuckles, Skyrocket (aka Wilhelm), Marie Pavie, Jasmina Arborose, Red Cascade, Robin Hood, Ghislaine de Feligonde.4/19: cancelled RH and Jasmina.
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