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'Heaven Sent Roses'  photo
Photo courtesy of Heaven Sent Roses
North Carolina, United States
I started growing roses more that 40 years ago in Northern Illinois. After moving to North Carolina in 1989 and discovering a very long growing season and the worst soil I'd ever encountered, I became, and still am, a member of the Winston-Salem and American Rose Societies. On the local level I have served as Membership Chairman, Vice President and Editor of 'Clippings', our monthly newsletter, to which I contributed articles.
I've also presented programs to the Society, Garden Clubs, Master Gardeners and others and give lectures at the garden at HSR.
I was an accredited Consulting Rosarian and Master Gardener, but issues regarding conflicts of interest forced me to relinquish these titles.
I shot all the photographs you see on my website and developed the website myself.
I had a garden of Hybrid Tea and Climbing roses and started exhibiting at the local County Fair and American Rose Society accredited shows. Not long after that I was introduced to Old Garden Roses and I found a new love. A friend then showed me how to root roses, which eventually led to the birth of Heaven Sent Roses.

After building a new home on 5 acres of land, the front 3 acres were dedicated to Heaven Sent Roses. The land was cleared and plans laid out for garden, greenhouse, sale lot and parking areas. I made small makeshift hothouses for my 1-gallon plants and sold them for $10. Over the next few years, a 16'x96' greenhouse was erected, a parking area was put in, water lines were buried thruout the growing areas and the garden area had been amended.
Then, in 2001, the garden plan was staked out, pathways dug out, beds raked and metal edging was put in. My husband, a friend and I built a 135' pergola down the center path and installed French-style posts and rope around the side and rear perimeters of the garden.
The first plantings in the front garden were in April, 2002 and consisted of Hybrid Teas, OGRs, Teas, Chinas, and Hybrid Perpetuals. The rear garden, with its entry arbor and corner structure was planted in 2004. All the Hybrid Teas were moved there, making more room for older roses in the front. By 2010, all but 5 Hybrid Teas remain in the rear, replaced by Griffith Buck Shrub roses, which I fondly refer to as "Roses for Dummies".
In 2011, a 16'x20' rectangular structure was built in the center gathering area between the two gardens and the first garden wedding (my daughter's) took place at HSR in May.
Very experienced (44 years)
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