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17 FEB 09
Claire Austin is sold out til 2010! :( argh.
22 JAN 09
Hello again!
Sitting in front of the computer getting ready to plan the new garden beds. Soon I'll get some spray paint and walk out the garden trails. Ordered a couple roses from Hortico, and I've never ordered from the before. Just discovered they are not own root. Don't know how I feel about that. I may stick my Hortico roses in big pots and makes some own root cuttings next year before planting them in the ground. They were the only seller for Acropolis & Astrid Grafin Von Hardenberg, and I added Midnight blue to that, so I went ahead :)
David Austin has a new one named Claire Austin- I'll have to have this one as well. My mother told me the same thing, then said," I get mine and make you a cutting." I don't believe I'll be waiting, since I need another white for the front of the striped trio to go next to L'Ingenue. Planted purple phlox and yellow daisies in between for now while the gardens fill in.
My other roses I'm ordering this season are Ballerina (had it, need another!), Blush Noisette, William R. Smith, and Francois Rabelais. This puts me at 17 new roses, a double mock orange, two calycanthus floridus Athens that I haven't planted yet, and a row of blueberries for the orchard, also in pots. I also need at least 6 variegated Weigelas which go in front of the Purple Crepe Myrtle/Lonicera Fragrantissima line on the side of the drive way. I hope spring has more rain than there has been, since the water all has to be carried by hand. (Too far from the house.)
You must be pretty bored if your reading this :)
My standard poodle in sleeping by my feet. I believe she's bored too.
4 NOV 08
My garden journal sounds boring as hell!
I'm considering putting Reve D'Or and Gloire de Dijon side by side. I know that they need a wide span of fence (?) Perhaps having these will give me a good excuse to buy Pure Poetry and stick her in front. I don't know. Countryside sells Bouquet PArfait, Cornelia, and Vineyard song, so I have to get those moving along. Ley's Perpetual will go into a 6' round galvanized stock tank with the bottom cut out & a tower of some sort centered inside it. I plan to stick it far enough from the other gardens to plant the other five around the outside (BP, Corn.,VS, MB, PJ). No specific color coordination involved here, just figure I'll do better throwing them together.
Can't find Maria Shriver yet...
26 OCT 08
Louise Clements is looking much better! I've resceduled my fall roses to come in Spring, due to freezing weather this week. So Senegal, Panachee D'Angers, Russelliana, will come in March- and I topped that box off with Ley's Perpetual . These are from Vintage Gardens.
Acropolis will come too- from Hortico.
My new spring list I'm making consists of Pretty Jessica, Cornelia, Midnight Blue, Vineyard Song, and Bouquet Parfait. Woo Hoo! & I need Maria Shriver or a good white rose that's similar...
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