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Gregg Lowery
most recent 3 SEP 14 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 2 SEP 14 by Gregg Lowery
Hi HMF folks!
I am not certain how to make a change to my HMF status.
Since Vintage Gardens is closed and the non profit The Friends of Vintage Roses owns and maintains the rose collection, we would like to make a few changes to the My HMF data.

These are simple things like changing the email address to
More complex, we want to separate this from the archived entry for Vintage Gardens, because so many have requested that we keep an archive on HMF for the old nursery.

Could you give me a few pointers?
Should we simply start a new entity for The Friends of Vintage Roses? Steven LaCouette was very kind in contacting me about what to do with the original rose entries for Vintage and he offered to and moved that list to this current version of the non profit's entry. We just don't want to lose that list in beginning a new entity, and don't want to negate the work he did in making that happen for the Friends.

Gregg Lowery
The Friends of Vintage Roses
Reply #1 of 3 posted 3 SEP 14 by Patricia Routley
Hello Gregg,
Two lists are certainly needed. Something like the following to be included in the names:
Vintage Gardens (now closed) 1960 - 2013
Vintage Gardens (the Friends of) 2014 - current

Reply #2 of 3 posted 3 SEP 14 by Gregg Lowery
Hi Patricia,

Thanks! I believe that Joanne Bowman, using my login, tried to set up a new entity today for The Friends of Vintage Roses; she is our Treasurer. The following was the user info she set up:
Nickname: TFoVR
Password: floradora

She was uncertain whether this had gone through. Our concern in setting up an account completely separate from Vintage Gardens has to do with conflicts of interest in our non profit status.

Two questions then:
1. Did her setup go through?
2. Is there a way that HMF can add the rose data to the new identity for The Friends of Vintage Roses?

Sorry to trouble you with these details, and thank you!
Gregg Lowery
Reply #3 of 3 posted 3 SEP 14 by Patricia Routley
1. I can't see 'The Friends of Vintage Roses' at all.
Steve needs to help here. I had better not set it up because Joanne needs to be able to add and delete material herself in the future.

2. I am sure that can easily be done.

What would Joanne prefer it to be under. Gardens? or Nurseries?
most recent 23 JUN 08 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 JUN 08 by Gregg Lowery
Hi N Pierce,
This is Gregg Lowery from Vintage Gardens in California. I've noticed on your plant list that you have grown the 1954 Hybrid Tea, Carmen. This rose has disappeared from our collection and also from the only public rose collection that still grew it, the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden. We are keen on not letting this rose disappear completely, and we wonder if you would consider sharing a few cuttings so that it can be returned to commerce and to the public?
thank you very, very much for considering our request!

Gregg Lowery
Vintage Gardens
Publication / Article / VideoA Tribute To Mel Hulse
most recent 13 FEB 08 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 13 FEB 08 by Gregg Lowery
Farewell, dear friend!

I suppose that I knew Mel's age—he was proud that the withering of his joints hadn't slowed his enthusiasm for life. To me he was twenty-something, always talking about next year, about the bud-wood to come and the roses to plant and the roses to prune and the gatherings and the roses next spring. He followed his passions, always embarking on life, always seeing the potential. Even the tortured hulk of a dying rose bush spoke life to Mel—surely one of those little growth buds holds the Phoenix of a glorious new plant!

And each of us to Mel was like that button of growth—full of glorious potential, full of roses that he admired, cared about, and wanted to cultivate. Each of us who knew him felt we had a gardener for life, and for a moment knew what it is to be a rose.

Farewell, dear friend. I won't give up on the Secret Garden Musk; you taught me to love it. I won't quit planting and pruning and rooting and sharing, and looking to see the potential in every face I meet; you've taught me to care. I won't be feeble in my passions or faint in my praises; you've shown me the path of life. And, though I know how busy you'll be, I'll always be waiting for your email from heaven.
most recent 8 MAY 07 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 8 MAY 07 by Gregg Lowery
I must recamp on my first comment. We did not receive Tina Marie, but from Barbara Worl, who was the original source for Grandmother's Hat. I do not know how Barbara came by this.
Gregg Lowery
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