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Roses in Bermuda
(3 Nov 1997)  Page(s) 69.  Includes photo(s).
Heydon Pink China Description... first shown on the Bermuda Society's competitive bench as 'Agrippina'... Although the bush and shape of the flowers are very similar, the colour of "Heydon Pink China" is markedly different... light crimson (bright pink) blooms... Perhaps it's a sport of 'Agrippina'?
(3 Nov 1997)  Page(s) 70.  Includes photo(s).
Miss Atwood Description... semi-double, slightly loose, 2 1/2-3 in (6-7.5 cm) blooms of an exquisite light-to-medium apricot, tinged with lemony yellow...
(3 Nov 1997)  Page(s) 18.  Includes photo(s).
Spice Description... Thought to be 'Hume's Blush Tea-scented China'...
(3 Nov 1997)  Includes photo(s).
"Talbot Rose" Mystery Climber. This climber was known to be growing and blooming at Craigside in Laffan Street, Hamilton in the early 1900s as well as at Endsmeet on Middle Road, Devonshire, where it was known as the "Hill Rose". In 1969, Mr. Charles H. V. Talbot took a cutting and slipped the rose in readiness for the move to his new house in Southampton. it now climbs profusely there as well as at Faraway Cottage, Somerset. It is difficult to propagate, few other people have it growing. Several overseas rosarians have been unable to identify it. The leaves are small, a dull bluish-green colour. They are velvety and composed of five to seven leaflets. They grow on very short stems which spring from the long main canes. The "Talbot Rose" blooms in May and June and has clusters of small 1in (2 1/2cm) double, bright pink flowers which fade to a paler pink. The chief characteristic is the green eye. Prickles are slightly curved, long and sharp.
(3 Nov 1997)  Page(s) 77.  Includes photo(s).
Vincent Godsiff Description... undoubtedly a China... It was found growing in Vincent Godsiff's garden... cupped and semi-double, a deep vivid pinky-red...
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