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The Rose Garden (Tenth Ed. 1903)
(1910)  Page(s) 310.  
Adrienne Christophle Tea. M. Guillot fils (Lyons) 1868... yellow, copper, and apricot, shaded with rosy peach and deep yellow, large and full
The Bourbon Rose
ADRIENNE DE CARDOVILLE: flowers light rose
(1910)  Page(s) 239.  
Adrienne de Cardoville Centifolia. Flowers rosy crimson, large and full; form cupped; fine... Raised in the neighbourhood of Paris. Introduced in 1845.
(1903)  Page(s) 259.  
Pag 193 Selection of Roses introduced from 1874 to 1902- inclusive. ... Aglaia ..
Pag 200 – 201 – 202 – 208 C. Pillar or Pole Roses... D. Climbing Roses for Arches, Trellis, North Wall, &c.... F. Trailing Roses for Banks, &c. ... R. Weeping Roses. SUMMER ROSES. GROUP 18 (Multiflora) .. Aglaia
Pag 259-260 1. AGLAIA ; flowers produced in large clusters, and of lovely canary yellow colour in bud, opening to nearly white. Requires time to bloom freely, but when established it is very fine.
(1910)  Page(s) 325.  
Aimee Cochet [Hybrid Tea]; flowers flesh colour with rosy peach centre; large, full, and well formed; good grower.
(1910)  Page(s) 334.  
Aimée Vibert [Noisette]: flowers pure white, produced in large clusters, of medium size, full; form compact; growth vigorous. Forms a noble standard; the foliage of a dark green and shining; good also for bedding. Raised by M. Vibert at Angers. Introduced in 1828.
(1910)  Page(s) 334.  
Aimée Vibert, Climbing [Noisette]; resembles 'Aimée Vibert', but is of more vigorous growth.
(1910)  Page(s) 262.  
Alba Rubifolia Wichuraiana: flowers pure white, large for its class, full and fragrant. Foliage particularly bright and glossy.
(1910)  Page(s) 337.  
Albane d'Arneville [Noisette Perpetual]; flowers white, reverse of petals flesh colour, of medium size, full and cupped; growth vigorous.
(1910)  Page(s) 262.  
Alberic Barbier Wichuraiana: flowers creamy white shaded with yellow, buds darker yellow; semi-double or double; early flowering.
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