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The Rose Garden (Tenth Ed. 1903)
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Initial post 23 SEP 11 by Cà Berta
The Rose Garden (tenth edition) was published in 1903 and not in 1910 (see )
Reply #1 of 3 posted 24 SEP 11 by jedmar
You are right, it is 1903. Was there an eleventh edition in 1910?
Reply #2 of 3 posted 26 SEP 11 by Cà Berta
As far as I know there is not an eleventh edition. Paul died in 1905 and this might be the reason of it.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 27 SEP 11 by billy teabag
In 'Rose Books' by K.L. Stock, he lists an edition of 'The Rose Garden' (1911) that is referred to as both the 10th and 11th Edn - I'll copy the full entry here:

2170 (11th Edn.) Tenth Edition.
Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent: London 1903 (1911).
ppxvi, (1) -339, (i)-xxiv; (341) - 377, vii; inc 21 full-page & 80 other figs. Reissue of No. 2169 [The Rose Garden in Two Divisions...illustrated with twenty one full page engravings of representative varieties. Tenth Edition] with addition after p.340 of 12 inserted leaves headed 'Supplement to Division II. Being a list, with descriptions, of varieties of merit that have been introduced or have come into prominent notice since the foregoing pages were printed', (i)-xxiv, listing 504 varieties introduced up to 1910.

There is also a note saying "H.R. Darlington states in RHS Journal Vol 63 ('Writings on the Rose', p. 180) that 'an eleventh edition came out in 1911, the title being changed to Roses and Rose Culture', a confusion with ...[another book of that name by W. Paul first published in 1874- see No 2171 in K.L. Stock] the last edition of which was pub. 1910."
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