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Roses for English Gardens
(1987)  Page(s) 379.  
G. Nabonnand (T.).-Pale flesh ; vigorous ; one of the best garden Roses of its colour. (Autumn-flowering)
(1987)  Page(s) 272.  
General Schablikine has at last found its way to England. For many years this was the only rose-coloured Tea to be depended on in winter [in the Riviera]. Now that glass is so much used, and larger and longer stalked blooms are required, it is only used as a decorative garden Rose.
...[Paul Nabonnand] is the Rose that with Schablikine produces the most summer-like effect during the winter.
(1987)  Page(s) 55.  
Jekyll calls it one of the best gallicas... red and white striped.
(1983)  Page(s) 156.  
‘Gustave Regis’ (HT) Nankeen yellow; vigorous. The best and most vigorous of the yellow garden Roses.
(1987)  Page(s) 40.  
The newly found but really old garden Rose now called 'Hebe's Lip', otherwise 'Reine Blanche' seems to belong to the Provins group (Gallica).
(1987)  Page(s) 39.  
Reine Blanche Jekyll says this is one of the best gallicas (if it is a true gallica)...
(1987)  Page(s) 270.  
Idéal is essentially a Rose for this coast [Riviera]. In spring it even rivals Fortune's Yellow, but it comes in several weeks later and is deeper in its rosy tones. Did it but bloom at all in winter it would be unsurpassable.
(1987)  Page(s) 380.  
L'Idéal (N.).-Metallic red ; vigorous. A strong-growing garden Rose. Distinct and charming in colour. (Autumn-flowering)
(1987)  Page(s) 268.  
...Marie Lavallée, a delightful blush pink, semi-double climbing Rose, the latest and earliest of its colour, vigorous and fresh in every way.
(1987)  Page(s) 55.  
Jekyll calls it one of the best gallicas... white and rose striped.
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