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The Quest for the Rose
(1993)  Page(s) 34.  Includes photo(s).
An old variety now grown at Malmaison... known since 1860... Height to 5 feet. Good scent.
(1993)  Page(s) 84.  Includes photo(s).
('Aimée Vibert', 'Bouquet de la Mariée') A Noisette-Rosa sempervirens Rambler. Vibert (France) 1828. Repeats. Height: 15 ft. Slight scent.
(1993)  Page(s) 220.  Includes photo(s).
A dense-growing Ground Cover or Landscape Rose. Meilland (France) 1987. Clusters of small flowers throughout summer. Good disease resistance. Height: 90 cm (3 ft.) Width: 120 cm (4 ft.) Some scent.
(1993)  Page(s) 144.  Includes photo(s).
A large-flowered Rambler. Barbier (France) 1900. (Rosa wichuraiana x 'Shirley Hibbard') Repeats. Height: 500 cm (17 ft.) Good scent.
(1993)  Page(s) 63.  Includes photo(s).
[Listed under "Wild Roses and Their Cultivars"] Description. Hillier, Britain, 1961. A hybrid between the large-flowered form of Rosa pimpinellifolia altaica from the mountains of Siberia and Rosa xanthina forma hugonis, from China.
(1993)  Page(s) 120, 220.  Includes photo(s).
Page 120: [Photo] A large-flowered Rambler. Immensely popular for its wonderful show of flowers. Barbier (France) 1921. (Rosa wichuraiana x 'Mrs. A.R. Waddell')
Page 202: [Photo] Makes an ideal weeping standard.
(1993)  Page(s) 140 & 141.  Includes photo(s).
('Alchemist') This Modern Climber has flowers that look more like an Old Rose. Kordes (Germany) 1956. ('Golden Glow' x Rosa eglanteria)

Photographed growing through a holly in Eccleston Square, London, and on p. 141, blooms
(1993)  Page(s) 133.  Includes photo(s).
A Hybrid Tea with vigorous upright growth, best used as a climber. Cocker (Scotland) 1973. ('Fragrant Cloud' x 'Dame de Coeur')
(1993)  Page(s) 175.  
A strong, healthy Hybrid Tea. Harkness (Britain) 1972. ('Super Star' x ('Ann Elizabeth' x 'Allgold')) Flowers continuously. Good disease resistance. Height: 200 cm (7 ft.) Slight scent.
(1993)  Page(s) 175.  Includes photo(s).
Photographed at Hampton Court Palace, England.
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