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The Rose Manual (Buist)
(1844)  Page(s) 14.  
Amadis or Elegans are the same; of rapid growth, makes a most magnificent pyramid of rich purple crimson; the flowers are produced in clusters, are perfectly double, and of considerable duration.
(1844)  Page(s) 49.  
Amourin Gallica... double... rosy blush colour...
(1844)  Page(s) 55.  
André Thouin Gallica... purplish crimson, marbled, spotted with rose...
(1844)  Page(s) 43.  
Angelique Quetier Moss... cherry red
(1859)  Page(s) 30.  
The following varieties have been grown from seed by Mr. Joshua Pierce, Nurseryman, Washington City. ...Anne Maria, pink, large showy flower.
(1844)  Page(s) 109.  
Antherose, or Anteros, is very double, cup-shaped, of a pale pinkish-white shading to yellow in the centre, grows very strong, and blooms well in pot culture.
(1844)  Page(s) 154.  
Perpetual Damask. One of the darkest is Antinous, whose deep purple-crimson roses remind us of some of our old Gallica roses; it is quite double, perfect, and fragrant.
(1844)  Page(s) 123.  
Archduke Charles, is a noble variety, opening a bright rose colour and changing to crimson; the points of the petals are frequently tipped with bright red.
(1844)  Page(s) 109.  
Archiduchesse Theresa Isabel, or Isabel, a very distinct dwarf growing white, requiring the shoots to be well thinned out in order to make it grow strong for flowering ; the flowers are double and very pure ; it might be dispensed with.
(1844)  Page(s) 55.  
Arethusa Gallica... bright rose, distinctly spotted with blush
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