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The Admirable Old Roses
(Dec 1951)  Page(s) 558.  
Red Admiral Hybrid Tea. William Paul 1913
(Dec 1951)  Page(s) 195.  
Rosa acicularis Native of North America.
(Dec 1951)  Page(s) 195.  
Rosa arvensis Native of Britain. Creeping growth, used to cover banks.
(Dec 1951)  Page(s) 195.  
Rosa bella Native of northern China... carmine...
(Dec 1951)  Page(s) 195.  
Rosa alpina Native of the Alps... purplish pink
(Dec 1951)  Page(s) 195.  
Rosa altaica Native to Scotland [incorrect: should be Altai]. Large white flowers. Black fruits.
(Dec 1951)  Page(s) 195.  
Rosa arvensis [was used to develop] 'Ruga', a large bush or pillar with clusters of flesh pink flowers.
(Dec 1951)  Page(s) 294.  
Sir Rowland Hill Hybrid Perpetual: flowers rich deep port wine colour, shaded with blackish maroon and changing to bright ruby claret, very large and full, with petals of great substance; sweet.
(Dec 1951)  Page(s) 197.  
Souvenir d'Helene (Hybrid Tea), salmon-white, shaded silvery-rose.
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