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Rose Gardening; The American Garden Guides
(Feb 1995)  Page(s) 48, 49.  Includes photo(s).
p. 48: [Photo] Agnes Rugosa hybrid. Description... Full double light yellow flowers, three inches across...

p. 49: [Photo]

(Feb 1995)  Page(s) 49.  Includes photo(s).
Blanc Double de Coubert Rugosa hybrid. Description... Two- to three-inch snowy white flowers, semidouble, bloom all season... Remove spent petals to allow formation of the large bright orange-red hips...
(Feb 1995)  Page(s) 60-61.  Includes photo(s).
(Gallica) Prior to 1848, Origin unknown. Flowers are bright cerise pink, darkening with age, with open golden-stamened centers. Dense shrub three to four feet tall. Medium green foliage, small prickles.
(Feb 1995)  Page(s) 68.  
Emmie Gray Description... At one time thought to be 'Sanguinea' or 'Miss Lowe's Variety'... Emmie Gray, from whose garden it came, was a teacher at the Bermuda High School for Girls for more than 30 years... single 1 1/2 in. (4 cm) bright pink flowers with a darker colour towards the prominent yellow stamens. As the flowers age, the colour deepens to a rich crimson...
(Feb 1995)  Page(s) 111.  Includes photo(s).
Europeana Floribunda. Description... Clusters of deep crimson, semidouble flowers with fifteen to twenty petals...
(Feb 1995)  Page(s) 160.  Includes photo(s).
Europeana Floribunda. George de Ruiter (Holland); introduced by Conard Pyle Co., West Grove, PA. Parentage: 'Ruth Leuwerik' x 'Rosemary Rose'. 1963. Description...
(Feb 1995)  Page(s) 51.  Includes photo(s).
Pink Grootendorst Description... Large clusters of small, one-to-two-inch double medium pink flowers, tending to revert to red...
(Feb 1995)  Page(s) 51.  Includes photo(s).
Henry Hudson Rugosa hybrid. Description... Large (to three inches) double flowers with yellow stamens...
(Feb 1995)  Page(s) 115.  
Also called 'Jeanne Duval'... named for Beaudelaire's mistress
(Feb 1995)  Page(s) 101.  
Olympiad McGredy 1984. Description... One of the best red roses...
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