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(1936)  Page(s) 758.  
Williams, Alfred K. (HP) Schwartz 1877; bright carmine, fades to light violet or magenta-red, large, double, globular, imbricated, fine form, fragrance 6/10, floriferous, repeats, autumn-bloomer, growth 6/10, upright. Sangerhausen
(1936)  Page(s) 549.  
Pédoncules, R. à longs (moss) Robert 1854; light flesh-pink, medium, double, large clusters, repeats.
(1936)  Page(s) 29.  
A.N.W.B. Rose (HT) Buisman 1933; Druschki X Souv. Cl. Pernet; white with yellow, very large, double, open, lasting, floriferous, continuous bloom, long stems, fragrance 3/10, growth 7/10, upright, 30 cm. Sangerhausen
(1936)  Page(s) 512.  
Night in June, A (HT) Elmer 1935; Sport of Evening Star; coral-red, very large, well double, lasting, fragrance 4/10, floriferous, continuous bloom, growth 6/10, bushy.
(1936)  Page(s) 27.  
Anisette, Odeur d' (hybrid china) ? before 1848; vivid pink, double, cup form, beautiful
(1936)  Page(s) 521.  
Odeur de jacinthe, R. à (Bengal) Noisette ca. 1825; flesh-coloured, hyacinth fragrance
(1936)  Page(s) 521.  
Odeur de thé, R. à (tea) Prévost ca. 1835; pale pink, pistils straw-yellow, fragrance 5/10 (tea).
(1936)  Page(s) 521.  
Odeur de thé, R. à (china) Laffay 1815; vivid flesh-coloured, fragrance 5/10 (tea).
(1936)  Page(s) 559.  
Pétales mucronées, R. à (tea or china) Reveillère 1827; flesh-pink, medium size, double, pointed petals
(1936)  Page(s) 1.  
Abaçon (tea) Schulz 1858; coppery yellow, shaded golden-yellow, center light orange, large, growth 8/10
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