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Classic Roses (1985)
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 152.  Includes photo(s).
Vibert, France, 1839. Probably R. centifolia x R. gallica. Flowers: large, slightly more than single, crimson smudged purple with pronounced golden stamens. Foliage: dark green. Growth: dense and bushy. Fragrant. 4' x 4'.
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 276, 278.  Includes photo(s).
Page 276: Boerner, USA, 1949. 'Mercedes Gallart' x 'New Dawn'. A sumptuous and most attractive rose. Flowers: 60+ rose-pink petals, each with a deeper reverse and shadings of magenta. Fragrant. A first-class rose. 10' x 6'.
Page 278: [PHOTO]
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 152.  
Vibert (France) 1837. Parentage unknown. Description. Shortish, arching, rather more Centifolia-like than Gallica. Perhaps the main feature is the superb form of the flowers, each one seeming carefully groomed. Highly scented. Colour cerise to crimson, paling towards the edges with age.
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 420.  
Angèle Pernet Hybrid Tea (Large-flowered Rose) Description... A beautiful rose of exquisite form and one of the most lovely to have come from the auspicious stable of Pernet-Ducher... coppery-orange...
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 152.  
From the Roseraie de l'Haÿ collection, France. Parentage and date unknown. Flowers slightly later than some other Gallicas. Flowers: double, cupped, soft pink paling to almost white with age.
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 26, 151.  Includes photo(s).
Page 26: [Photo]
Page 151: ('Red Rose of Lancaster', 'Rose of Provins', 'Double French Rose') (Europe, SW Asia. Of great antiquity) Showy shrub with erect yet bushy growth and coarse, dark greyish-green leaves. Flowers: light crimson, semi-double, large, highly scented and profuse in June.
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 153.  Includes photo(s).
('Rouge Éblouissante') Originated in Angers, France, 1823. Parentage unknown. Flowers: double, bright crimson changing to purple with age, scented, abundant. A compact, bushy shrub. Foliage: rich dark green. Few thorns. One of the nicest of the Gallicas.
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 290.  Includes photo(s).
Austin, UK, 1984. Flowers: double, medium-sized, cupped, blush-pink. A superb but unusual scent described by its raiser as reminiscent of lemon. Free-flowering throughout summer (4' x 4').
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 295.  
Small shrub. Flowers: double, old-fashioned, pink. 3' x 3'
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 23, 188.  Includes photo(s).
Page 23: [Photo]
Page 188: 'Quatre Saisons', R. x damascena bifera. Middle East. Extremely ancient. Thought to be R. gallica x R. moschata. Flowers: loosely double, pink, highly scented. Remontant. It tolerates pruning better than most others of this group. 4' x 3'.
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