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Classic Roses (1985)
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 254.  Includes photo(s).
('The Myrrh-scented Rose') Origin and parentage unknown. Description... flowers: white with hints of pink at the edges of each petal, cupped... an unusual perfume...
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 153.  
Mid-19th Century. Origin and parentage unknown. Fairly reliable as a grower but temperamental in flower. Flowers are a pleasing mixture of pinks, greys and mauves, flat and quartered, often with a clearly defined, green eye in the centre. Highly scented. Growth upright, foliage grey-green. Almost thornless. 4' x 3'
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 171.  
Village Maid ('Belle des Jardins', 'La Rubanée', R. x centifolia variegata) Beales lists it under "Centifolias". Vibert (France) 1845. Parentage unknown. Description... white blooms liberally streaked and striped with pink... In Beale's experience it occasionally repeats with an odd bloom in late summer.
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 153.  Includes photo(s).
Parmentier, Belgium, 1845. Parentage unknown. A small to medium-growing shrub, upright. Grey-green foliage. Flowers: fully double, flat, a delicate shade of pink with a strong perfume. 4' x 3'
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 342.  Includes photo(s).
Blair, UK, 1845. Parentage unknown. Very beautiful. Flowers: large, flattish, pale pink with deeper shadings towards centre. A climber. Particularly good when grown on a tripod or similar structure. 12' x 6'.
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 240.  Includes photo(s).
Cochet-Cochet, France, 1892. R. rugosa x 'Sombreuil'. One of the outstanding Rugosa hybrids. Flowers: pure white, almost fully double, fragrant. Foliage rich dark green. Fruit: sometimes quite large, only sets intermittently. Good autumn colour. 5' x 4'
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 287.  Includes photo(s).
Meilland, France, 1984. Parentage not recorded. Flowers: double, frilled petals of delicate pink with deeper centres. 3' x 6'
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 153.  
Mid-19th Century. Origin and parentage unknown. Description... flowers: double, flat, quartered, deep pink, almost cerise with silver overtones...
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 326.  Includes photo(s).
1830. Origin and parentage unknown, probably a China Gallica cross. Bears little resemblance at first sight to a typical China, being more upright and less branchy. Flowers: reddish-carmine. 5' x 4'.
(Dec 1985)  Page(s) 23.  
Examination by plant cytologists in recent years of the chromosomes of R. x centifolia prove beyond doubt that it is a complex hybrid and not, as previously thought, a true species. Apparently the Centifolias are made up of genes from R. gallica, R. phoenicia, R. moschata, R. canina, and R. x damascena.
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