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A Year of Roses
(1997)  Page(s) 90.  
Blanc Double de Coubert. One of the roses most guilty of looking bad immediately after blooming... after a day in our humidity, this rose resembles a double-sized dirty handkerchief. Grow this rose, and you'll quickly understand the value of deadheading.
(1997)  Page(s) 90.  
Clotilde Soupert. Can suffer from botrytis blight.
(1997)  Page(s) 147.  
Weeping tree roses are created in the same fashion as the bushy types, except that the buds used are climbing roses (ramblers in particular), ground cover roses, and even larger shrub roses. These are much more interesting because of the wonderful cascading effect they create in the garden... One of the best weeping tree roses I ever saw was in an amateur rose grower's garden in Kansas City, Missouri. At the top of a six-foot stem of 'Dr. Huey,' this rosarian budded several buds of the miniature climbing rose 'Red Cascade.' The fountain of red roses in his garden in June was one of the most spectacular sites I've ever seen.
(1997)  Page(s) 110.  
Rosa foetida [Scanniello refers to R. foetida as] the "Typhoid Mary" of the rose world [because it] shows an amazing attraction to black spot...
(1997)  Page(s) 104.  
Rosa setigera... the North American native rose ... will only just begin to bloom around the second week in July... Originally found throughout the Eastern Seaboard and the Prairie States, this scentless pink beauty creates mounds of color and is best left alone on an embankment or in an open field where it can sprawl.
(1997)  Page(s) 104.  
Rosa wichuraiana Description... a late-blooming species... best described as a natural creeping rose, hugging close to the gournd with wonderfully fragrant white flowers supported by shiny, disease-resistant foliage. Also known as the "Memorial Rose," it was initially introduced to America as a living grave blanket...
(1997)  Page(s) 41.  
'Smiles', a cluster flowered pink rose, was introduced as the first official floribunda in 1939.
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