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Contributions to Horticultural Literature
(1892)  Page(s) 107.  
Chenedole is a beautiful Rose with flowers of a light vivid crimson, the growth is very vigorous, and it is equally good as a pot, pillar
(1892)  Page(s) 3.  
(1892)  Page(s) 186.  
In "Grouping of Garden Varieites of Roses," William Paul states:
The Pompon Moss An exquisite little group composed of two or three varieties only separated from the preceding on account o their pigmy stature. The best varieties are "Little Gem" and "Moss de Meaux," and their fairy-like aspect appeals irresistibly to the lovers of the tiny.
(1892)  Page(s) 137.  
Madame Josephine Guyet, crimson, much in the way of Sanateur Vaisse, large, full, and of tolerable form; apparently good, but not indispensable.
(1892)  Page(s) 192.  
The Ayrshire Perpetual - This [horticultural] group is made for the convenience of one autumn-flowering "Ayrshire Rose - Madame Viviand Morel"
(1892)  Page(s) 127-8.  
Autumnal Roses ([reprinted] from "The Gardeners' Chronicle," 1863, p.461.)
The Noisette as we remember it originally, is not worthy of comparison in point of size with the modern kinds that have descended from it, enriched as they have been with a plentiful infusion of the blood of the Tea-Scented. There are only Aimée Vibert and Miss Glegg, white, and Fellenberg, crimson, of the old style of Noisettes (small flowers in large clusters) that we should consider worth recommending in the present state of Rose culture. [...]
Miss Glegg is a beautiful, pure white Rose, of dwarf growth, flowering abundantly and in clusters, and therefore well suited for planting in masses.
(1892)  Page(s) 50.  
Of showy effective Roses, kinds producing a striking effect en masse, we noticed as standards — French: Surpasse tout, crimson; William Tell, rose; Cerise superbe, cherry ; and Souvenir d'une Mère, pink....
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