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'Rosa alba L.' rose References
Book  (1855)  Page(s) 129.  
636. Rosa, Tournef. Endl. Gen. Plant. p. 1240, So named from the Celtic rhod, red, many of the species being of this colour.
...Rosa alba. Plants in distribution - Nurseries.
Book  (1848)  Page(s) 608.  
Catalogue of Plants. Rosaceæ. -- The Roses.
566. Rosa alba, Linn.. ♄ Crimea. White Rose.

♄ A tree or shrub.
Book  (1838)  Page(s) 264.  
Rosa Alba. Single White Rose. Shrub, lofty. Leafstalks, hairy, armed underneath with crooked thorns. Stipules, adnate in half their length. Tube of calyx, oval-fusiform. Flowers, white, single, fragrant, two or three inches wide.
Book  (1836)  Page(s) 239.  
Rosier Blanc. Rosier blanc à fleurs simples. Prévost. Arbrisseau élévé; soies rares ou nulles; pétiole velu, armé en dessous d'aiguillons crochus; stipules adnées dans une partie de leur longueur; tube du calcie oval-fusiforme; fleurs blanches, simples, odorantes, larges de deux à trois pouces.
Magazine  (1 Nov 1835)  Page(s) 248.  
A Description of Roses. By Mr. T. Rivers, jun., Nurseryman, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.
In many old Gardens in England may be found a semi-double white Rose, a very robust grower, and half wild in its appearance. It seems to flourish most in those Farmers' Gardens that have a portion of wilderness attached to them. This is the "rosa alba", a native of the Continent, but introduced into this country many years since. From it the annexed varieties have proceeded; they are very distinct; branches green and thinly set with thorns, leaves of a glaucous green; flowers of the most delicate hues imaginable, from the purest white to a peculiar vivid rose colour, but so delicate in their gradations that our terms cannot describe them accurately.
Website/Catalog  (1833)  Page(s) 40.  
Rosa Alba...Die Einfache [The single]. Medium size, fragrant, thick cordiform petals 20 Silbergroschen
Book  (1818)  Page(s) 81-82.  
Rosa alba, L.....Rosier à fleurs blanches, Poir., Enc., 22.- Rosier blanc, Bot.cult., 30.- idem, Bosc, Dict. d'Agr.- Rosa alba, Mart, Dict., 40.- Rose blanche simple, Lawr., tab. 37.- Angl., white rose.- Allem., Weisse rose. C'est la ancienne rose royale dont il s'agit, c'est le rosa sativa de Dodoneus. Ce rosier, très-commun dans nos jardins, pousse vigoureusement, et tous les terrains lui conviennent. M.Dumont de Courset remarque cependant que ses fleurs reviennnet simples dans un sol trop aride. Elle sont nombreuses, s'épanoiussent de bonne heure, mais ne durent pas longtemps.
Book  (1816)  Page(s) 15.  
Classis 12. Icosandria...Ord. 5. Polygynia....Rosa Alba, White rose, Rosier blanc, Europe, Vaquois & other gardens
Book  (1815)  Page(s) 202.  
Classe XIV Dicotylédons. Polypétales (Etamines attachées au calice.) Ordre X. Rosacées.. I. Un seul ovaire infère; plusieurs styles; une pomme à plusieurs loges, terminée par un ombilic couronné par le calice.
Rosa. Rosier.
2. Fructibus ovatis. Fruits ovales.
alba L. blanc. Europe. Ligneux. (orn.)
Book  (1811)  Page(s) 267.  
alba. Ovoid glabrous fruit, hispid peduncles, prickly branches and petioles. Native of Europe. Cult. 1597. Ger.herb.1079.f.1. Flowers June and July.
Single White Rose. Miss Lawr. ros. t.37.
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