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'Maestro ®' rose Reviews & Comments
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most recent 4 OCT 13 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 3 OCT 13 by goncmg
Grew this one 1988-2004, bought it from the Hortico catalog late 80's based on the description and did not understand it was a "handpainted" variety. The plant is huge and strong, the foliage glossy and lovely. It survived the winters 88-89 and 93-94 when Columbus got down to -22 and -18. Like many of the "handpainted" McGredy line (this is a very late arrival, too) it doesn't easily fit into any "class"----the plant is "about" the size of an "HT", the blooms are far too small for HT and come in 3's generally so here we go again with something that should be "Grandiflora" or "Shrub." ............its a good rose. If you like this "look." I personally like my roses more classic, tower-center bloom form, maybe a bicolor but not "handpainted." I "abandoned" my rose garden for years----left it to my parents, to the fates, moved out in 1991 and visited but no longer took care of many came and went. When the state took their property in 2004 and plowed it under to make a highway, Maestro was still there at age 16......................
Reply #1 of 3 posted 4 OCT 13 by Patricia Routley
Aged 16. Understandable. It was known to be particularly healthy.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 4 OCT 13 by goncmg
And would have gone on forever........not my taste in roses but so strong and healthy. When my Mother left that property she/we also left behind a 15 year old Sunsprite and a 25 year old Spartan (which was bought as a body bag at Woolworth's) both of which had been moved to that property from a prior garden...........I wish I saved them...........that Spartan saw me from age 11 to age 36.............and I just "forgot" to not let it get tilled under pavement.............regret, regret, regret................
Reply #3 of 3 posted 4 OCT 13 by Patricia Routley
See 'Spartan' comments.
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