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'Matangi ®' rose References
Book  (1982)  Page(s) 118.  
Dan Carew. Rotorua 36 National Spring show.
The Rotorua Society's chosen rose is 'Matangi' and the District Council have some lovely beds of these around the city.
Book  (1981)  Includes photo(s).
p50 The Final Analysis 1980-81
'Matangi' N.R.S. 8.6 (McGredy) Orange lake with silver reverse. Unnamed seedling x 'Picasso'. Healthy, vigorous, always in flower. Outstanding performer in the garden and on the show bench. A vase of this is spectacular, even under artificial light. Only criticism is that it is very thorny. Highly recommended.

p114. Photo. 'Matangi'. Raiser S. McGredy. Unnamed seedling x 'Picasso'. Certificate of Merit, Palmerston North, 1975.

p139. N. M. Simpson. A Selection from the Seventies.
'Matangi'. Fl. CM 1975. The so called "hand-painted" roses made a decided impact in the 1970s. The most popular one in New Zealand is undoubtedly 'Matangi'. Very floriferous, flowers orange-vermilion with a silver reverse, borne on a bush with attractive glossy foliage.
Book  (1980)  
p41. Phil Gardner. A Practical Outline of Rose Diseases in New Zealand.
Now there are one or two other points I would like to deal with which are more cultural than diseases but are often mistaken for disease. There has been quite a bit of excitement going around about a supposed disorder which some people call "little leaf virus". This is particularly noticeable in some of the varieties bred by Sam McGredy, in particular 'Matangi' and one or two others. Taking 'Matangi' as an example, many of you will have observed in the spring when 'Matangi' starts to grow, it first throws out quite small leaves and then it burst away with apparently normal shoots out of the centre and everybody has been getting worried because they think we have a new virus here that causes little leaves on 'Matangi'. In actual fact, that is a characteristic of the variety.

p109. Certificate of Merit winners. 1975. 'Matangi' (McGredy).

p116. Review of Newer Roses. Floribundas
'Matangi' . Orange lake/silvery rev. 12 reports. 5 years. 135cm. N.R.S. 8.6. Taupo: A must for a splash of colour. Repeats well. Loves plenty of sun. Manawatu: Wonderful all-purposes variety. Certainly amongst the top new floribundas. Oamaru: Excellent in all ways.

p118. Symposium on Floribunda Roses. Canterbury Rose Society 1979.
'Matangi'. As the results show, seven out of the eight rosarians all agree that in this rose, Sam McGredy has produced a rose of great quality, the best of his yet released "hand painted" series. All but one agreed it is a vigorous and healthy plant, sending up plenty of new canes each year. The one exception grows his bush in shade and finds that in such conditions it is straggly with weak heads. All find that the sun does rather fade the flowers but they agree the pink orange shaded semi-single flowers make a great point of interest in their gardens. They also mention the dark glossy green foliage as being a good foil for the flowers. They all mention the fact that it repeats quickly throughout the season, but only one person detects any fragrance. The petals age pleasantly and fall easily and the heps do form, the repeat flowering is not affected. As a Show Bench Rose, all agree it is worthwhile growing, for both small and large heads, even if often they do collapse early on in the show. However, "revival" does work easily one or two mention. So in 'Matangi' we have a rose with most virtues and very few vices.
Book  (1979)  Page(s) 16.  
Review of New Roses 1978-1979. Floribundas.
'Matangi' Orange, silver reverse. 28 reports; 4 years: 120cm; N.R.S. 8.9. Rotorua: Showy, quick repeating; good growth, habit and colour; very little disease. Auckland: Still good. Dunedin: A beautiful rose, healthy. always in flower.
Book  (1978)  Page(s) 40.  
Review of New Roses 1977-1978
'Matangi' Orange-silver reverse. 30 reports; 3 years; 120cm; N.R.S. 8.0. Cambridge: Best of our new ones. Striking colour. Good rose for parks. Gisbome: Certainly spectacular colour and blooming ability. Mapua: More beautiful than ever. Quick repeat. Eye catcher.
Book  (1978)  Page(s) 99.  
Sam McGredy. A Hand-Painted Family Tree.
MACyeleye was a very large shrub covered in bright orange single flowers with a golden yellow eye - most attractive, although not a commercial possibility. It was raised in the same year as 'Picasso', the first of the handpainted type to be marketed. MACyeleye and 'Picasso', in turn, gave me 'Matangi' and 'Eyepaint'. Hard as I have tried with 'Matangi', I have nothing of promise from it.

p101 Parentage chart shows 'Matangi' was bred in 1969
Book  (1977)  Page(s) 34.  
Review of Newer Roses - 1976-77 Season. Floribundas.
'Matangi'. Orange-silver reverse. 26 reports; 2 years; 122cm; N.R.S. 8.0. Nelson: Another to catch the eye. Unusual single makes a splash of colour. Lasts well when cut. Oamaru: Much admired, loves semi-shade. Colour excellent. Auckland: Better and better. Plenty of large symmetrical bright trusses.
Book  (1977)  
International Awards 1976.
p181 Belfast. An award [?]. 'Matangi'.
p183. Orleans. Certificate. 'Matangi'.
Book  (1976)  
p28. Review of Newer Roses - 1975-76 Season.
'Matangi' Bright orange/silver. 17 reports; 1 year; 100cm; N.R.S. 8.2. Gisborne: Extremely vigorous, thorny, free flowering. Loves our hot conditions. Disease free. Auckland: Lights up its corner of the garden, always in bloom. Christchurch: Attractive but faded quickly. I think will improve with age.

p32 New Zealand International Rose Trial Awards – Trial 5. 1974-1975
Certificate of Merit. ‘Matangi’. (Fl.). S. McGredy, New Zealand.

p33 , Pamela Morrah. Trial Six – The Pick of the Bunch
I’m intriqued and fascinated with what is entered and the new qualities each brings; the attractive foliage, the texture and colour of ‘Matangi’….

p49 . John and Nola Simpson. Some of our New Ones.
‘Matangi’. Fl. One of the so-called “hand painted” varieties. Nicely formed trusses of bright orange-red with a silvery-white reverse. Flowers very freely on bushy plants with dense healthy foliage. Good exhibiting stems. Fades in the sun, needs to be grown in the semi-shade.

p129 Duncan and Davies Ltd. Advertisement. ‘Matangi’. Fl. McGredy. A “Hand Painted” rose, vermilion with silver eye and reverse, glossy foliage. C.M. N.Z. 1975.
Book  (1975)  Page(s) 86.  
Stelvio Coggiatti, Rose Trials in Rome, Italy. 
Matangi Gold Medal. Introduced by Sam McGredy (New Zealand).Valuable bettering of a successful trend. Vigorous growth; large semi-double flowers tending to cup; petals deep tangerine at beginning, delicate pink later, the narrow margins and reverse of each petal silver-white. Glossy foliage dark green, bronze when young.
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