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'Gardenia' rose References
Book  (Aug 2002)  Page(s) 42.  
Hybrid Wichurana 1899
Not rated
Book  (Apr 1999)  Page(s) 306.  
Gardenia Wichuraiana. Horvath/Manda & Pitcher, 1899. Rosa wichuraiana x 'Perle des Jardins' (Tea)... Yellowish white passing to Gardenia white... Pure white, yellow bud... Early flowering... In spite of its fame as a 'Hardy Maréchal Niel', it is not reliably hardy in severe climates... Blooms better on old wood... Fine glossy foliage... Foliage black-spots very slightly, mildews in later summer... it has a tendency to trail... Best for walls, fences, and banks...
Book  (Dec 1998)  Page(s) 261.  
Gardenia Rambler. Manda, USA, 1899. Rosa wichuraiana x 'Perle des Jardins'... one of the best white roses in its class. The pointed yellow buds develop into creamy white flowers with a yellow center... the flowers will stay yellow if planted in the shade. The foliage is small, dark and glossy
Book  (Nov 1994)  Page(s) 238, 240.  
Page 238: Gardenia [is] seldom recurrent, but creates a wonderful display at midsummer and is extremely fragrant
Page 240 Gardenia Large-flowered Rambler. Manda, US, 1899. Rosa wichuraiana x 'Perle des Jardins'. Similar to 'Albéric Barbier' with small dark green glossy leaves... creamy white deepening to yolk-yellow in the centre, fading to nearly white in hot sun... [grows] at Bodnant, North Wales
Book  (1994)  Page(s) 68.  
Gardenia R. wichuraiana x 'Perle des Jardins', a yellow tea rose. Introduced by W.A. Manda in 1899... ['Gardenia' combines] the growth habit and glossy foliage of R. wichuraiana with yellow buds and double, creamy white gardenia like flowers that more closely resemble the blossoms of a tea rose than the coarser blooms of the species rose...
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 200.  
Gardenia Rambler, creamy white, center yellow, 1899, R. wichuraiana x 'Perle des Jardins'; Manda, W.A. Description.
Book  (Feb 1993)  Page(s) 141.  
Gardenia Wichuraiana rambler. Parentage: R. wichuraiana x 'Perle des Jardins'. USA 1899. Description and cultivation... fully double creamy white flowers...
Book  (May 1992)  Page(s) 317.  Includes photo(s).
Gardenia Manda (USA) 1899. R. wichuraiana x 'Perle des Jardins'... creamy-white... deeper creamy-yellow centre petals... Pleasing fragrance reminiscent of apples... Foliage dark green and glossy...
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 289.  
Gardenia (hybrid wichurana) Manda 1898; R. Wich. X Perle des Jardins; cream-white, center yellow, fades to white, 5 cm, double, fine form, solitary or small clusters, fragrance 7/10, short strong stems, small foliage, strong branches, growth 8/10, climbing, 3 m., very hardy. = Hardy Mar. Niel. Sangerhausen
Book  (1933)  Page(s) 181.  
'Gardenia'. W. A. Manda, 1898. This is one of the oldest Wichuraiana hybrids, and, if the date of introduction is correct, it came out the same year as the four seedlings which are said to be the first hybrids of R. wichuraiana. The flowers are large, pale yellow in the bud, almost white when open. It is a tremendous grower, with extremely handsome foliage, and is, perhaps, the finest climber of this type. In spite of its fame as a 'Hardy Marechal Niel', it is not reliably hardy in severe climates. I was never able to keep more than a few inches of the top alive in eastern Ohio.
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