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'Gruss an Teplitz' rose References
Article (magazine)  (2018)  Page(s) 51-109.  
Newsletter  (Aug 2016)  Page(s) 20. Vol 41, no. 3.  Includes photo(s).
Ann Chapman: The story of Gruss an Teplitz. can be kept as a shrub or allowed to climb....Rudolph Geschwind lived in Teplitz until he was 18...
Book  (2006)  Page(s) 113-114.  
'Gruss an Teplitz'

Percentage Composition of the Components Identified through Gas Chromatography in Essential Oil of Rosa Extracted through Hexane Solvent Extraction.

Citronellol 12.854
Methyl Eugenol 3.564
Geraniol 2.974
Geranyl Acetate 14.587
Phenyl ethyl Alcohol 47.235
Linalool 1.875
Nerol 1.351
Benzaldehyde 2.045
Benzyl Alcohol 3.214
Rhodinyl Acetate 2.985
Citronellyl Acetate 0.786
Benzyl Acetate 0.568
Phenyl ethyl Formate 3.0145

Percentage Composition of the Components Identified through Gas Chromatography in Essential Oil of Rosa extracted through Ether Solvent Extraction

Citronellol 13.483
Methyl Eugenol 3.217
Geraniol 2.792
Geranyl Acetate 15.245
Phenyl ethyl Alcohol 46.432
Linalool 0.899
Nerol -
Benzaldehyde 1.321
Benzyl Alcohol 4.512
Rhodinyl Acetate 3.710
Citronellyl Acetate 2.481
Benzyl Acetate -
Phenyl ethyl Formate -
Article (magazine)  (2006)  Page(s) 5, 6.  Includes photo(s).
[Geschwind] even cultivated one of the parents of Gruss an Teplitz, an unnamed seedling cross of Sir Joseph Paxton....with Fellemberg...for nearly twenty years as a potted plant before using it to breed his famous red rose.
Article (website)  (13 Jun 2005)  
The third variety is also fragrant crimson with 33 petals and short and weak stem. It is mainly used for making bouquets, garlands and wreaths. This variety has become naturalized and can be termed as the most indigenous because of its wide cultivation.
Book  (2003)  Page(s) 127.  
p91. Viru Viraraghavan. A Rose Gallery From India.
The most popular rose for use in garland making and in worship is 'Rose Edouard' which is grown on a field scale in the delta of the river Cauvery in the extreme south of the country, but the cultivation of this variety extends up to the northern plains where apart from use in temples and garland making, it is used for the extraction of rose oil. Another use is its utilization as a stock for budding roses especially for plants to be grown in pots......Out of the desert sands of Rajasthan near the holy town of Pushkar, we have large areas grown under Gruss an Teplitz. The flowers are dried and sent on a daily basis to Mecca, the holiest of Muslim cities.

p127. Girija Viraraghavan. History of the Rose in India and Indian Rose Products.
Coming now to rose products, which are distinctively Indian, roses are the basis of many rose formulations - cosmetic, medicinal and dietary. In many areas of north India, especially where the soil is rich and the water abundant, like Pushkar in Rajasthan, and parts of Uttar Pradesh, Rosa damascena and also 'Rose Edouard' are grown on a commercial scale, both for distilling rose oil and rose water. Another heritage rose widely grown is Gruss an Teplitz.
Book  (Aug 2002)  Page(s) 45.  
Gruss an Teplitz
Hybrid China 1897
Rated 8.2
Book  (2001)  Page(s) 48.  
Grüss an Teplitz Hybrid China, medium red, 1897. Rating: 8.2
Book  (1996)  Page(s) 59.  
'Gruss an Teplitz' (Geschwind 1897) ('Sir Joseph Paxton' x 'Fellemberg') x ('Papa Gontier' x 'Gloire des Rosomanes'). Not quite hardy and in our climate susceptible to mildew, otherwise beautiful, strongly fragrant rose. Light carmine-red, medium size, well double, repeat-blooming, floriferous. Lax growth, blooms slightly nodding.
Book  (Sep 1993)  Page(s) 208.  Includes photo(s).
Grüss an Teplitz ('Virginia R. Coxe') Bourbon. Parentage: ('Sir Joseph Paxton' x 'Fellemberg') x ('Papa Gontier' x 'Gloire de Rosomanes'). Geschwind 1897. Description... deep crimson...
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