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'Autumn Damask' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 9 DEC by CybeRose
Encyclopedie Methodique: Botanique, vol. 6, p. 276 (1804)
J. L. M. Poiret

2. ROSIER à cent feuilles. Rosa centifolia, Linn.

ζ Rosa (bifera), foliis subpubescentibus, floribus rubris & albis; germinibus infundibuliformibus. (N.)
Vulgairement rosier de tous les mois.
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Initial post 7 DEC by CybeRose
The authors do not identify a particular variety as twice-blooming, but do note that twice-bearing is common and thrice-flowering is sometimes seen: sed etiam mirè feracem, biferum saepe, quádoq; triflorum videas.

And this is before Montaigne was given a blossom from a reblooming rose bush in the Jesuates' garden in Ferrara, Italy, Nov. 1581.

Stirpium adversaria nova, 1571, p. 446.
Matthias de L’Obel & Pierre Pena
[Sativae ROSAE Rubra Provins. Candida. Pallida.]
Orbis deliciae, florum princeps & honos Rosa, Angliae florétissimi Sceptri, perinde auspicatissima, ac meritissima tessera, ut in quo regno hunc fruticem, non modò ipsa bruma virenté, & interdum penè perpetuifolium, sed etiam mirè feracem, biferum saepe, quádoq; triflorum videas. Triplex est vulgatiorisè colore differétia: nam aut purpura sanguinea, saturè punicant: vel aspectu niveo micant: aut candore & rubore confusis, flammeo rutilant, virgineis genis, & malis concolores, quas plebecula pallidas vocat. Tres hae insigniores sativae differentiae sunt, quae, quod sexcentis ferè lenocinijs, colores, odores sapores, magnitudinem, numerumq; foliorum, & vires demutare queant: & soleant fieri praepropere, serotine, brumales, non sunt huius instituti.
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Initial post 4 DEC by CybeRose
A Treatise of Fruit-trees, 2nd Edition (1657)
Ralph Austen
p. 6
... but there is a kind I have (amongst many other kinds) which naturally beares a second time, although the tree be but small and young; besides the Rose called the Monthly Rose.
p. 37
As for Rose-trees, some damask Roses, and some Provosts beare a second time, the same yeare, though but few, if cut soone after the first bearing in the full Moone. But besides there is a Rose-tree, called the Monthly Rose, which beares Roses untill the coldness of the winter stop it, about November.
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Initial post 3 DEC by CybeRose
A Catalogue of Greenhouse Plants: Hardy Trees and Shrubs, Herbaceous, etc. (1783)
By Daniel Grimwood
menstrua -- Red-flowered Monthly Rose.
menstrua alba -- White-flowered Monthly Rose.
menst. portlandica -- Portland Crimson Monthly Rose.
menst. variegata -- Striped-flowered Monthly Rose.
menst. corymbosa -- Red Cluster-flowered Monthly Rose. (Best for forcing.)
Reply #1 of 1 posted 4 DEC by jedmar
Karl, it seems that the 'Cluster-flowered Monthly Rose' is distinct from the 'Autumn Damask'. I will move the former synonym to 'Damascena corymbosa'
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