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'Rosa multibracteata Hemsl. & E.H.Wilson' rose References
Article (magazine)  (2007)  Page(s) 370, fig. 1.  
R. multibracteata typical ploidy 4x
Article (magazine)  (2001)  Page(s) 393.  
R. multibracteata Hemsl. et Wils. Ploidy 4x
Pollen fertility 8.7%
Selfed Fruit set 0%
Book  (Mar 1998)  Page(s) 15.  Includes photo(s).
Photo of hips
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 77.  Includes photo(s).
[Listed under "Wild Roses and Their Cultivars"] Description. A Chinese rose … collected by Wilson in the Min Valley in 1908. Flowers appear in late summer. Height: 6 ft.
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 161.  
location 229, R. multibracteata Hemsl. & Wils., CINNAMOMEAE, western China, Sichuan, 1910, bright light pink, single, small, solitary or cluster-flowered, floriferous, late-blooming, with many bracts, vigorous, arching, broad, branched, 2.5-4 m, dark green small foliage, 7 leaflets, light orange-redsmall-mediumstrongly glandularovoid tobottle-shaped fruit, upright persistent sepals, many hips
Book  (1985)  Page(s) 116.  
[Mathias Tantau, the elder] became interested in breeding with a wild rose from China... a rose with small, dainty leaves and clouds of little pink flowers, called R. multibracteata. He knew, for all rose breeders know it, that for such a project one should allow at least twenty years; in fact it was twenty-three years before his son reaped the reward of that initiative... 'Garnette' was a marvellous discovery for Mathias Tantau, a red rose with hard petals; it came out in Germany in 1947, and in 1951 was introduced by the Jackson & Perkins Co. in America. A most successful cut flower on account of its durability... Quite a cult arose around 'Garnette'... the growers of cut roses planted glasshouses full of it, and began to discover mutations, of which 'Pink Garnette', from Boerner in 1951, and 'Carol Amling', from Amling & Beltran in 1953, were fairly similar in deep pink. Some nurseries began to offer 'Garnette Roses' in othe rcolours, but apart from having small flowers, most of these had little affinity to the original...
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 498.  
Multibracteata (cinnamonea) Hemsley & Wilson 1906; soft pink, 3 cm, single, trusses of 30, floriferous, late-bloomimg, short stems, many bracts, small foliage, like fern, 15-17 leaflets, small globular yellowish red fruit, growth 8/10, well-branched, 1.50m. Western China. Sangerhausen
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