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'Rosa villosa L.' rose References
Book  (Mar 1998)  Page(s) 8.  
Rosa pomifera grows in the mountains of Asia, very hardy
Book  (May 1992)  Page(s) 5.  Includes photo(s).
The European wild roses include the Dog Rose, R. canina, and two similar species which are, perhaps, related to it: R. eglanteria, the Eglantine Rose or Sweet Briar, and R. villosa, the Apple Rose... R. arvensis, the Field Rose... is a natural climber... R. pimpinellifolia, until recently better known as R. spinosissima or the Scotch Rose... R. gallica... R. moschata...
Website/Catalog  (1984)  
R. villosa L. 2n=28
Book  (1981)  Page(s) 145.  
R. villosa L.
syn. R. pomifera J. Herrm., nom. illegit.; R. villosa var. pomifera (Herrm.) Desv.
A bush of up to 8 ft. in cultivation, or rather stiff habit, usually under 6 ft high in the wild...prickles scattered, slender, straight or slightly curved. Leaves 4 to 7 in. long; rachis glandular and downy. Leaflets five, seven or nine...bluish green above, hairy on both sides and often very densely furnished beneath with resin-scented glands, edged with compound-glandular teeth. Flowers solitary or in cluster of three...deep rosy pink...Fruits dark red, more or less bristly...
Native of central and southern Europe, Asia Minor and the Caucasus; long cultivated in the British Isles...The fruits were at one time used for making preserves....
Book  (Jul 1938)  Page(s) 91.  
R. villosa (R. Pomifera). - (Villosa means soft hairy; pomifera means pome-bearing). Planted 1931 at Beaverlodge but not promising in recent years. Not so hardy as R. davurica, which is also much too tender for a useful ornamental at Beaverlodge; it set seed abundantly during the first 2-3 years but not lately.
Book  (1937)  Page(s) 76.  
pomifera Herrm. (sspec. of villosa Herrm.) [ploidy] 28 ([thereof univalents:] 14)
pomofera Desv. (synonym of villosa Herrm.)
Book  (1937)  Page(s) 80.  
villosa L. (Can.-Vestit.) [ploidy] 28 ([thereof univalents:] 14)
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 30.  
Apfelrose = R. villosa pomifera
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 30.  
Apple-bearing red (?) in England before 1759; red, single . = Apfel-Rose [Apple Rose, rosa villosa]
Book  (1931)  Page(s) Vol. II, p. 691-692.  
The DOWNY ROSE (R. villosa) is found only in England in the north and west, but is common in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It receives its specific name from the downy texture of both sides of the leaves, the Latin word villosa meaning softly hairy.
This species is subject to many variations, five or six of which have been by some botanists considered separate species. The flowers are white or pale pink. The fruit, which is globular, is covered with fine prickles.

[Downy Rose should be the english name of R. tomentosa]
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