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'Sue Lawley' rose References
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 102.  
Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses for 1987-88 Season
'Sue Lawley'. MACspash; McGredy 1981; scarlet edged white; 10 reports; 12 bushes; 2-5 years; 1.1rn;
6.8 rating. Frilly petals, blooms open fast, lots and lots of blooms, fast repeat, early blooming but several reporters feel it is not as healthy, or as good, as others in Sam's "handpainted" family. Kaitaia and Central Otago are finding it hard to grow, however, its virtues are many.
Book  (1987)  
p47. Sean McCann. ....But if you have a slightly shaded spot, try 'Sue Lawley' or .....

p99. Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses for 1986-87 Season. Floribundas.
'Sue Lawley'. McGredy 1981. carmine pink and white; 9 reports; 11 bushes; 1-4 years; 90cm; 6.7 rating. Three reporters point this rose low. Kaitaia because of fading, lack of bloom and poor growth and Waikato because the petals drop too quickly. Manawatu says growth is poor and blooms fleeting. Canterbury likes the frilly petals and healthy bush. South Canterbury likes the attractive blooms, good health and quick repeat. Otago says it blooms early and has quick repeat. Bay of Plenty reports that it is healthy and grows well and Hastings likes this "cousin" of 'Matangi'. Southland says it is best in part shade.
Book  (1986)  Page(s) 92.  
In 1969 I had so many seedlings with hand-painted blood in them somewhere..... Nicknames are so much easier to remember than code-numbers. So I had Spanish Shawl and .... in my breeding house that year. Spanish Shawl became 'Sue Lawley'.
Book  (1986)  Page(s) 117.  
Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses in 1985-86 Season. Floribundas.
'Sue Lawley'. McGredy 1981; ((Seedling x 'Little Darling' x 'Goldilocks') x ('Evelyn Fison' x ('Coryana' x 'Tantau's Triumph') x ('John Church' x 'Elizabeth of Glamis') x Seedling x 'Evelyn Fison' x ('Orange Sweetheart' x 'Fruhlingsmorgan)); carmine-pink and white; 19 petals; 7 reports; 7 bushes; 2 years; 50 cm - 1 m; 6.2 rating. Another rose that reporters either like or dislike! Southern Hawkes Bay says the colour and growth are poor. Rotorua says it is an untidy 'Matangi', with droopy heads, short stems and the plant has deteriorated. Christchurch likes the large blooms, some of which are suitable for showing. The scarlet petals fade to pink. Northland and Southland recommend growing it in partial shade. Manawatu says its growth is not as good as other "hand-painted" roses. The repeat and health are good. Quite a mixed bag of reports!
Book  (1985)  
p53. Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses for 1984-85 Season. Floribundas.
'Sue Lawley'. McGredy 1981 (Seedling x 'Little Darling' x 'Goldilocks') x ('Evelyn Fison' x ('Coryana' x 'Tantaus Triumph')) x('John Church' x 'Elizabeth of Glamis') x Seedling x [('Evelyn Fison' x ('Orange Sweetheart' x 'Fruhlingsmorgan')]. 19 petals, red blend. 2 reports, 2 bushes, 1 year, 1 metre, 7 rating. Rotorua say she looks similar to 'Matangi', is always in flower and the blooms are weather resistent and have a faint fragrance. Christchurch tells of frilly edged large scarlet blooms with white centres, coming in large well balanced heads fit for showing. The bush is vigorous and healthy. Which all sounds very good, but with a pedigree like Sue's she cannot be anything but!

p124. David Kenny, Ireland. A Few of My Favourite Things. ....hand-painted roses. How lovely these roses are especially when the white colour streaks along the edge of the petals as it does in 'Sue Lawley' and 'Matangi'.
Book  (1983)  Page(s) 157.  
Egmont Roses advertisement.
'Sue Lawley'. Fl. Stunning blooms of bright scarlet with cream margins. 1981 Gold star Winner. McGredy, 1981.
Book  (1981)  Includes photo(s).
p25. E. F. Allen. The following cultivars which I have described in earlier articles have recently been named: 1977. MACspash. 'Sue Lawley'.

p64. New Zealand Rose Registrations 1980. 'Sue Lawley' (MACsplash). Flori. red blend. Raiser: Sam McGredy.

p133. [Photo]. 'Sue Lawley. Raiser S. McGredy. ('Little Darling' x 'Goldilocks') x ['Evelyn Fison' x ('Coryana' x 'Tantau's Triumph') x ('John Church' x 'Elizabeth of Glamis'] x [('Evelyn Fison' x ('Orange Sweetheart' x 'Fruhlingsmorgan')]. Gold Star of the South Pacific, 1981.

p136. Nola Simpson. The Trial Grounds 1980-81.
In the floribundas I like McGredy's 'Sue Lawley' (MACspash) the best. Colour similar but darker than 'Matangi', flower larger and more frilly, this gives it quite a shaggy appearance at times.

p140. New Zealand International Rose Trial Awards 1979-1981.
Gold Star of the South Pacific and Certificate of Merit for the best floribunda on trial. 79/969 'Sue Lawley'. Flori. Sam McGredy, New Zealand.
Book  (1980)  Page(s) 177.  Includes photo(s).
Photo. 'Macspash' Floribunda. (Photograph B. Tysterman). (('Little Darling' x 'Goldilocks') x [('Evelyn Fison' x ('Coryana' x 'Tantau's Triumph')) x ('John Church' x 'Elizabeth of Glamis')]) x ['Evelyn Fison' x ('Orange Sweetheart' x 'Fruhlingsmorgen')]. Raised by Sam McGredy Roses International, New Zealand. Distributor: John Mattock Ltd. Certificate of Merit 1977.
Book  (1978)  Page(s) 28.  
E. F. Allen. Awards to New Rose Seedlings in Great Britain in 1977.
The single Certificate of Merit was awarded to MACspash, this being both the code and the registered name of TG No. 3278, which I described fully last year. My own marks for this seedling would have justified a higher award since the combination of very early and late-season flowering, good health and the striking 'Hand-Paint' combination of cherry red and white of the flowers make this a memorable rose. From a distance the flowers reminded me of Chinese paintings of tree peonies.
Book  (1978)  Page(s) 100.  
Sam McGredy. A Hand-Painted Family Tree
MACbroey crossed with MACjose gave the bizarre MACspash which caused such comment in the early part of last United Kingdom rose season.

p101. Breeding chart which shows the 1972 date and parentage of MACspash as: Macbroey x MACjose
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