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'Victor Verdier' rose References
Book  (1937)  Page(s) 80.  
Victor Verdier HP (Lacharme 1859) [pollen quality] 53%
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 729.  
Verdier, Victor (HP) Lacharme 1859; Jul. Margottin X ? ; vivid pink, shaded bright carmine, reverse lighter, finely veined, large, double, globular, fine form, high-centered, fragrance 0/10, floriferous, continuous bloom, short strong stems, light red prickles, smooth branches, growth 7/10, robust. Good seed carrier. Sangerhausen
Book  (1935)  Page(s) 176, 181.  
Page 176: [Ellwanger showed that the most prolific Hybrid Perpetual seed-bearers were:] 'La Reine', 'Jules Margottin', 'Victor Verdier', 'Géant des Batailles', 'Général Jacqueminot', and 'Charles Lefebvre'.
Page 181: Victor Verdier
Hybrid Perpetual 1859
... thought to have been bred from a 'La Reine' type rose crossed with a monthly and probably a Bourbon... stout canes [are] almost smooth... This 'Victor Verdier' type family is very free flowering but quite scentless and inclined to be tender.
Website/Catalog  (1917)  Page(s) 43.  
Hybrid Perpetual Roses
Victor Verdier. — Flowers bright rose with carmine center of fine form and freely produced.
Website/Catalog  (1913)  Page(s) 26.  
Hybrid Perpetual Roses.
Victor Verdier
This Rose requires a little protection to withstand the cold of winter in some sections, but is so charmingly marked one can afford to bestow some attention upon it. In color it is cherry-red or velvety rose, deeper at the center than elsewhere- as delightful a blending of the comforting colors as could be found in any flower. The blossoms come freely during summer, and are round, distinct and clean-cut. The bush grows to moderate size, but is vigorous and compact.
Magazine  (19 Aug 1911)  Page(s) 404.  
The Parentage of Roses.
The following list of the world's Roses and their parentage has been compiled by Mr. Robert Daniel, 38 Russell Road. Fishponds, Bristol, and by his kind permission we are enabled to publish it...
Victor Verdier... Hybrid Perpetual, Lacharme, 1852, Seedling Jules Margottin
Book  (1910)  Page(s) 295.  
Victor Verdier Hybrid Perpetual... flowers rosy carmine, purplish edges, very large and full; form cupped; growth robust. One of the best. Raised by M. Lacharme at Lyons, Introduced in 1859.
Website/Catalog  (1903)  Page(s) 8.  
Hybrid Remontants. Varieties Best Suited for Forcing
Victor Verdier. Bright rosy crimson; one of the very best.
Book  (1902)  Page(s) 114.  
Hybrides Remontants. Groupe D. — Victor Verdier
Les variétés de ce groupe diffèrent des Hybrides Remontants ordinaires, et se rapprochent plutôt des Hybrides de Thé: elles sont remarquables par leur belle végétation et leur abondante floraison. Rameaux droits, gros, courts, lisses, verts; aiguillons peu nombreux; feuillage ample, folioles allongées; fleur grande, en coupe.
3541. Victor Verdier... (Lacharme 1851)... rouge nuancé.
Website/Catalog  (1902)  Page(s) 44.  
Hybrid Perpetuals, or Remontants.
Victor Verdier — Clear rose; globular, of fine form, and a free bloomer; superb.
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