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Initial post 21 JUL 14 by arahn92
PLEASE HELP!, i live in north west florida, i am a first time rose grower, i have two potted roses (garden party, and a mister lincoln) at first they did perfect and were gorgeous with huge blooms, but they are not completely ravaged by black spot, i have been spraying with neem oil to try and help. i also do not water overhead, they get good sun, i pick up leaves that drop in the pot etc but they got infected anyway and now they are almost completely defoliaged and i cannot seem to do anything to help them.. :/ i also think recently rose canker has taken hold as well as some of the canes are turning brown and dry and look dead. :( i think i did make the amateur mistake of forgetting to clean my clippers after every use and I'm sure that didn't help.. but I'm thinking there going to die, or maybe i should just try and start over, but my hearts broke and i feel like it will just happen again because the climate here is wet and hot and humid in summer :( PLEASE HELP!
Reply #1 of 3 posted 21 JUL 14 by Jay-Jay
maybe try spraying sulphur and or a bigger pot.
There no room for them in the garden(soil)? Lots of roses that get badly infected by blackspot when potted, do well planted and established in the garden.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 21 JUL 14 by arahn92
hmm, okay.. i didn't plant them in the garden where I'm at because i was afraid of them getting out of hand and I'm only renting here so i didn't know if the owners would appreciate me planting them like that, but I'm moving to my own home soon so maybe i will just plant them there in the ground, but honestly they seem like there not gonna make it, maybe if i transplant them they will.. idk
Reply #3 of 3 posted 25 JUL 14 by Wendy C.
this is what I would do, were they my roses.

1. Strip off all of the affected foliage
2. Set them in full sun where they can get maximum ventilation.
3. Make a 5% bleach solution and spray the roses head to toe and the dirt in the pot.
4. The next day lightly powder them with baking soda.

I know this sounds extreme, however I've had very good results using this method. Keep them in full sun and the foliage as dry as possible.

Good Luck
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most recent 3 JUL 10 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 1 JUL 10 by Stella
I bought 19 of Munstead Wood, This rose is new in USA, I live in WA, zone 7-8, I am so happy, they do not have any decease, and have many flowers. I recommended this rose us so beautiful.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 JUL 10 by HMF Admin
Thanks for sharing your experience.

Ideally, your review show be posted on the "Reviews & Comments" tab for the 'Munstead Wood' rose.

In addition, please use the Ratings tab also found on the 'Munstead Wood' page to rate specific aspects of this rose in your garden. Using the ratings tab is the most useful as it allows other site guest to search for roses that meets specific rating criteria, like disease resistance.

Thanks again.
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Initial post 13 MAY 09 by Allison
The past month and a half has been nearly constant rain, I'm sure it has been like that for many other gardeners as well. My problem is, that finally 2 of my roses are losing the blackspot fight. I had been picking off affected leaves as soon as I saw them, and really, I am suprised it took so long with this weather to get to the point where I need to spray. My question is, how is the best way to spray when it won't stop raining? My concern is that the spray will just wash right off and have little effect, and I would like to avoid over-use of chemicals. In other words, I don't want to spray until it will actually be effective, and I am concerned too much spraying in so much rain will affect the groundwater. Does constant rain wash off the spray before it has a chance to work? What kind of dry weather window do I need to look for, or is there another factor that will help the effectiveness?
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most recent 27 MAR 09 SHOW ALL
Initial post 24 MAY 07 by JoAnne Tuck
I purchased a double knock out rose and have seen that I have had alot of leaves turning yellow. The rose is almost bear at the bottom. What should I do?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 27 MAR 09 by Dove Cochrane
Leaves yellowing at the bottom of a rose can be caused by both, too much water, and not enough water. So first off I would check my watering practices and see if one or the other applies.

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