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Initial post today by Mariano
Hello everyone!

Does anybody have any picture/ drawing of the long lost sports of ‘Tzigane’: ‘GOLDEN TZIGANE’, 'VALERIE BOUGHEY’, 'NELL GWYN’, 'DUNTON GOLD’ and ‘RITA JACKSON’?

I have been looking for them everywhere but could not find anything so far.
Thanks in advane for any contribution!

Mariano (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Reply #1 of 2 posted today by Patricia Routley
Hello Mariano,
I have had a fairly decent search for any photos, but found nothing. However, I have added the few references that cropped up in my search. I can't help noting that four of these roses originated in the U.K., and the fifth,'Rita Jackson', was a sport from Western Australia. It is most unlikely that 'Rita Jackson' ever made it to Argentina.
Reply #2 of 2 posted today by Mariano
Hello Patricia,

Thank you so much for your reply, your interest and your always valuable contributions. I think we have already been in touch previously (probably a couple of years ago) here and by e-mail, regarding HTs 'Chantré', and 'Admiral Dewey', but I have been absent for several reasons, but now I think I will start to participate here quite more often, once again.
I have seen there is a single picture of 'Nell Gwyn' by "AmyRoses" (EB), but after contacting him, he told me this morning it is the only picture he could manage to take in the "Roseraie de la Ville de Montauban", unfortunately.

Thank you, once again and we stay in touch.

p/s: btw, I have contacted Ross Roses this afternoon regarding 'Pink Perfecta' (A. Ross & Son/Ross Roses (Australia, 1962)). Are you familiar with this rose or this nursery in Australia? As far as I know it is said to be the Australian form of 'Kordes Perfecta Superior'.
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Initial post today by Lavenderlace
Tropicana is still loaded in blooms after an extended period of 110 temperatures (not including the heat index). I don't know if it's the weather because she's new here, but she's been a lovely shade of peach, rather than the orange I see in so many pictures. Completely clean foliage and growing like a weed. Fragrant Cloud beside her does have a stronger fragrance and less fading, but a significantly smaller number of blooms
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Initial post today by Maureen Groper
I want to know where to get this rose....scarlet bonica.
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Initial post 3 JUL by Lavenderlace
Wow, what a glorious picture Andrew! I adore those shades!
Reply #1 of 4 posted 3 JUL by Andrew from Dolton
Thanks Lavenderlace, they both flower at exactly the same time, but I've quite a job ahead in a few weeks cutting them back and tying the new canes in.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 3 JUL by Lavenderlace
I can't say that I envy the headheading chores ahead of you either but it certainly looks worth it!
Reply #3 of 4 posted today by Andrew from Dolton
Pruned, 22/7/18. All set for next year now, just a quick extra tying-in in autumn and that's it.
Reply #4 of 4 posted today by Lavenderlace
Great work Andrew! You're an inspiration!
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