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Hybrid suffruticosa.  Light pink, darker center, violet flares.  Semi-double bloom form.  

Hybrid suffruticosa.  Lilac, dark red flares.  


Hybrid suffruticosa.  Pink, cherry-red flares.  

Hybrid suffruticosa.  Pink.  Cherry-pink.  Large bloom form.  

Hybrid suffruticosa.  White, cherry-red flares.  Single bloom form.  

Late Large Flowered.  Mauve, violet-red anthers, white stamens, ages to lighter .  Single bloom form.  Late summer to early autumn.  

Hybrid / Species crosses, Hybrid lactiflora.  Lilac, cream center.  Lilac bonnet.  Cupped bloom form.  


Floribunda.  Golden-yellow, pink , red .  Mild fragrance.  Large bloom form.  

Hybrid Tea, Cl..  White blend or white.  


Hybrid suffruticosa.  Dark red, black shading.  Double bloom form.  


Hybrid suffruticosa.  Light pink, red center, white highlights.  Large, single bloom form.  

Herbaceous Group.  White.  Double, clusters bloom form.  Height of up to 39" (up to 100 cm).  

Early Small Flowered, Group 1, Montana Group.  Blue.  Azure blue.  Small bloom form.   Max Josef Goos (1911), August Koenemann (1911).

Group 3, Viticella Group.  Dark red, cream anthers.  Midsummer to early autumn.  Height of 8' 2" to 9' 10" (250 to 300 cm).   Max Josef Goos (1911), August Koenemann (1911).

Early Large Flowered.  Violet, green stripes, ages to lilac .  Double bloom form.  

Late Large Flowered.  White.  Very large bloom form.  Midsummer to early autumn.  

Shrub.  Deep pink, lighter reverse.  Mild to strong fragrance.  Medium, double (17-25 petals), borne mostly solitary bloom form.  Height of up to 43" (up to 110 cm).  

Hybrid Tea.  Yellow.  



Hybrid suffruticosa.  White, salmon-pink shading, carmine-pink center.  Moderate fragrance.  Large, single to semi-double, Japanese (anemone, imperial) bloom form.  

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