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4 days ago
Roses: Spring 2018

Late February: Planted 4 potted CORAL KNOCKOUTS. All 4 have experienced winter dieback almost to the ground. 3 or 4 freezes since they have been planted. Definitely should have waited another month to put them in the ground. Maybe try starting roses in pots in the garage if it's too early.

Mid March: planted 2 HOT N SPICY climbers in ground in a area that gets probably 3-6 hours of direct sun. Worried about the amount of shade, but there is good growth. The dog dug into one of them after I put down Hollytone, so if it does poorly, that could explain why.
Also planted 1 CHARISMA in a small pot. Probably only big enough for this growing season. It's not leafing out particularly well.
Put 2 JOSEPH'S COAT climbers in urns with wooden trellis inside. 1 seems to be generating new growth. The other is still green but not much, if any new growth. One of them might be mislabeled. They don't look similar so far.

Early April: planted 3 FRAGRANT CLOUD bare roots into a bed near electric box. They experienced minor dieback after 1-2 freezes. Can't tell if they are actually growing or not after 1-2 weeks in ground.

Mid April: planted 2 APRICOT CANDY bare roots and 2 FRAGRANT CLOUD potted roses into the same bed near electric box. This area gets at least 8 hours of full sun a day and should have no problems with air circulation. Temps dipped down to 33/35 within 15 hours of planting but those low temps only lasted 3-5 hours.
6 days ago
Next week it will be "summer" over here as the weather-forecast predicts... and we already have so much "spinach" in our garden:
6 days ago
Last year, I sowed Président de Sèze seeds, that I got from HMF-member Carsten. Only three germinated in 2017 and two seedlings survived winter.
...But surprise, this spring after overwintering outside, a lot more germinated:
6 days ago
Most of the buds (in different stages of development), grafted on rootstock last year, are sprouting:
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