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Really appreciate what Badger rose wrote about Dark Desire: "Going into 5a winter I expected certain death but nevertheless mounded a bit of dirt over it to mark its grave. To my surprise the thing exploded in spring like Mission Impossible. It has weaponry to match--numerous daggers up and down the canes. It avoids the bullets of blackspot, mildew and rust. And just like I can't smell the movie, I can't smell this rose. Strange that I can't smell Summer Romance pretty much at all, either. I can, however, smell Beverly, First Crush, and Savannah which are a delight, so not sure what's going on there." Badger rose.
Initial post 25 FEB 04 by Unregistered Guest
This is absolutely the most favorite rose I have in my garden; super shiny, dark green leaves, enormous gorgeous blooms packed with citrus scent and prolific to boot. A wonderful cutting rose, it lasts for days in a vase and fills a small room with its scent. I have this rose in a pot facing southwest and I live in San Diego, CA
*** this rose is cold-hardy & glossy foliage

Initial post 27 JAN 06 by Debby
This 1967 introduction from Tantau is a wonderful golden yellow/amber, with a strong fruity fragrance, great disease resistance, glossy foliage and a vigorous growe
14 days ago
Vigorous growth and Bloom. Mine exhibits none of the blush or gold tones seen in mr. Starnes photos. Instead, it is white tinged with pink. Only the buds are golden apricot. Perhaps this will improve with age.
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