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9 days ago
In the summer of 2016, I submitted one of my photographs of the rose "Deidre Hall" to the Garden Club of America Photography contest and it was awarded a blue ribbon. I was quite surprised and delighted, of course, but pretty much left it at that until a friend saw the photo and remarked that it would make a lovely notecard. The power of suggestion!

From that remark was born a new and "Oh- so- fun" business endeavor. I started a notecard business using a selection of pictures I had taken of the roses I have grown in my yard over the last 20 years. I now have five different boxes of notecards in production, each containing 12 (a dozen) rose notecards, matched with a color coordinated envelope. On the back of each card you will find a brief description of the rose and a fun fact about its name. I also established the webstite of to promote my business and display the individual cards in each box. Also included on my website is a bio of how I became a rose grower and there is also a section that highlights one of my roses each month with a photo and description.

How much fun it has been to turn a passionate hobby into a small business!
9 days ago
In June of 2016, my rose garden was inducted into The Smithsonian Institution's Archives of American Gardens. The garden's documentation, now part of the Garden Club of America Collection, furthers the educational mission of the Smithsonian to promote "the increase and diffusion of knowledge".
14 days ago
Got a lot of planting done today. A large bed previously reserved for daylilies was dug up and replanted with roses (and a louisiana iris) because the daylilies were too difficult to keep up with as far as weeding goes (plus, over the years several died, leaving holes which allowed more light and thus, more weeds / tree seedlings.). I've potted up the daylilies from that bed for now. For roses, I planted McClinton Tea, Devoniensis, Etoile de Lyon, Edith Perry and Lady of Shallot. I'll also be adding a blue plumbago. Hopefully I won't hate the color combos. When the heat gets here (we're in the mid 80s now), the hot colors should be pretty faded, so I think they'll mingle ok.
14 days ago
Most (climbing-)roses are pruned and or trained. That was nescessary, for temps of over 20°C are predicted this weekend.... The roses will "roar" out of their buds. Last night it was -2 to -5.
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