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nice yellow bush hardy to zone 5.
Rosyjennifer in forum wrote: "Nastarana which smells like spicy, sweet Christmas candy."
Horse manure didn't work for me with this rose ... too alkaline. This rose prefers slightly acidic as own-root.
I like what Luxrosa wrote in forum about best scents:
Bourbon: Mme. Ernst Calvat'
Damask: Celsiana, or La Ville de Bruxelles, both are also exquisite roses.
Scotch Burnet'- lily of the valley scented- with what a freind calls " high quality french bar soap" 'Altaica'
Rambler: The Garland.
Hybrid Musk: Cornelia and Prosperity. Prosperity is more sweet, Cornelia more musky.
Species: The Incense Rose, Rosa primula, its' leaves are so strongly fragrant it merits its nickname,(its blooms I'd rate 2 out of 10 for strentgh of scent) I also love Rosa moschata because it sends its scent floating around the garden on a warm humid breeze.
Old Garden Tea: Anna Olivier' and Etoile de Lyon'
Noisette: Secret Garden Noisette, most strongly scented Noisette to my nose.
Hybrid Perpetual: Marchessa B.
Pernetiana 'President Herbert Hoover' I am amazed at how strongly, and deliciously fragrant this rose is." Luxrosa in CA.
I like what Celeste in NH, zone 4 wrote about this rose:
"celeste(zone 4 NH)
If someone was twisting my arm and forced me to choose JUST ONE, even though I adore the scent of dozens of my lovelies, I would have to cry out 'Felicite Parmentier', that sweetly-scented alba from heaven. It would be a near-tie with 'Great Maiden's Blush', and then third would be my namesake rose 'Celeste'. For me, there is nothing to compare to the divine albas for fragrance. If you've never had the pleasure of inhaling the pure sweet bliss of the albas then you are missing out.

After that, I could name dozens that I stick my nose into all summer that are intoxicating. Yolande d'Aragon, Mrs. John Laing, Heinrich Schultheis, Pierre Notting, Belle Amour, Comte de Chambord, Alba Maxima, Ispahan, Boule de Nanteuil, Rose de Rescht,
Marchesa Boccella, Johasine Hanet, Louise Odier, Baron Girod de l'Ain, Stanwell Perpetual, Autumn Damask, Souvenir du Pres. Lincoln, Queen of Denmark, Chloris,
Pompom Panachee.....the list could go on and on.

For modern roses, my favorite by far is Frederic Mistral, followed by Amazing Grace, Pope John Paul II and Rouge Royale." Celeste in NH (zone 4).
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