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Gebrüder Schultheis Rose Catalogue (1887)  Page(s) 17.  
Mme de Tartas Blume gefüllt, mittelgross, hellrosa. W. stark.

Mme de Tartas Flower double, medium sized, light pink. Growth strong.

Armstrong Nurseries, Ontario, California Catalogue (1942)  Page(s) 67.  
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Sunlit. (Alister Clark, 1937.) Out of a group of new roses imported from Australia, this was the only good one we could find, but it is really a find! One of the prettiest little roses you'll ever see, about half the size of a normal bloom but perfect in every detail. Both buds and open flowers are exquisite in form, high-centered, fully double, and you'll find yourself putting a few buds in a little vase on your table or mantelpiece every day. The color is apricot-pink, quite intense in the bud, paling to a lighter shade in the open flower, but always lovely. A beautiful little compact plant too, handsomely foliaged, and nearly always covered with the dainty little flowers on good stiff stems for cutting. Oh, yes! And it's practically thornless. $1.50 each.

Armstrong Nurseries, Ontario, California Catalogue (1927)  Page(s) 34.  
New and Scarce Climbing Roses. Price $1.50 each. 
Black Boy. H.T. A new climber from Australia which we believe is one of the finest red climbing roses. The blooms are large, quite double, very fragrant and are deep velevty crimson, shaded blackish maroon and scarlet. The plant is a tall rampant climber and the blooms are excellent for cutting, as they are on long stiff stems.

Armstrong Nurseries, Ontario, California Catalogue (1930)  Page(s) 32.  
Nora Cunningham. (Alister Clark. 1920.) HT. A very fine climber recently introduced from Australia, with large semi-double flowers of a clear brilliant pink; quite different from any other climber in our list and exceedingly decorative for pillars or trellises. It is an everbloomer with its greatest show of flowers in the spring but with recurrent blooms all through the summer and fall.

Palatine Website / Catalog (17 Sep 2018)  Includes photo(s).
Pearl of Niagara  Back! Pearl of Niagara grows beautiful creamy white flowers with a warm yellow undertone. These large scented blooms are full, old-fashioned, and display a slightly scalloped edging as they open. Pearl of Niagara has dark green foliage with a bushy habit that will reach to be 4' - 5' in height. Propagated on hardy Rosa Multiflora rootstock. All roses have been grown and tended in our family-owned rose nursery......

Amore Roses (17 Sep 2018)  Page(s) 31.  Includes photo(s).
Wildest Dreams   Perfect for Blooms non-stop all Summer in small clusters on an upright almost thornless plant with glossy green leaves. Highly disease resistant (although watch for downey mildew in a wet Spring). For an easy care plant it is outstanding.  Hot orange. 100cm....

Amore Roses (17 Sep 2018)  Page(s) 31.  Includes photo(s).
Royale City.  Floribunda in a pure soft shade of clear warm pink but this varies to soft apricot during the season. The flowers are beautifully formed elegant hybrid tea type borne mostly singly held proudly on a densely growing healthy bush with medium green semi-glossy foliage. 120cm..

Amore Roses (17 Sep 2018)  Page(s) 31.  Includes photo(s).
Our Amelia.  Named in NZ for our Polish Granddaughter. Ballerina Pink medium- sized classic hybrid tea style blooms borne mostly one per stem, sometimes in clusters, strong tea rose fragrance. Borne on a healthy bush with semi-glossy foliage.....

Amore Roses (17 Sep 2018)  Page(s) 26.  Includes photo(s).
Dark Magic  Brought to you from America, a new Rose Breeder specialising in Exhibition Darlings. This miniature rose has Dark Black Red velvety blooms of perfect H.T. form. Strong plant provides lots of perfect little blooms with foliage and flowers in proportion. Bush furnished with glossy foliage. 90cm.....

Amore Roses (17 Sep 20)  Page(s) 25.  Includes photo(s).

Sparkling Jewels (Jalredcarpet)  A Landscape rose growing as a nice refined spreader forming a mounded shrub low to the ground, great for underplanting taller specimens. Covers itself in bright pink blooms like ‘sparkling jewels’ amongst the dark green glossy foliage. A wonderful sight in full bloom in flushes all summer. See also ‘Painted Jewels’ for our other rose in this style, a lovely pair.....

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