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Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1940)  Page(s) 19.  
New Roses 1940.  Kathleen Kennedy (HT. A. Dickson & Sons 1939)  Rich salmon carmine flushed pink and orange shading to salmon carmine as the flowers open. The blooms are large and shapely and are carried on strong stems. 4/- each.
A good description. 40 petals.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1940)  Page(s) 19.  
New Roses 1940.  Grand Duchesse Charlotte (HT. Kétten 1938) The outer petals are reddish brown showing a bright tomato red interior when the blooms open. The size and shape are good, while the variety has excellent lasting qualities. Vigorous bushy growth and large glossy green leaves resistant to all diseases. 4/- each.
So far vigorous growth appears, to be the main quality.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1940)  Page(s) 19.  
New Roses 1940.  Eterna Giovanezza (Eternal Youth) (HT.  D. Aicardi 1937) Extra large double flowers of light pink heavily suffused orange salmon. The colour is unusually lasting, while the blooms are borne on long strong stems with abundant foliage. 5/- each. 
Superb size, shape and colour. Moderate fragrance and good upright growth. A splendid variety.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1940)  Page(s) 19.  
New Roses 1940.  California (HT. Howard & Smith 1937) Large long pointed buds opening to semi-double flowers of uniform ruddy gold. The growth is vigorous and rather spreading and is covered with large glossy foliage. 4/- each.
Semi-double blooms of 15-20 petals. No pronounced difference so far to other varieties.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1940)  Page(s) 19.  
New Roses 1940.  Burgundy (HT. Howard & Smith 1939) Full double blooms with‚Äčlarge evenly arranged petals of rich burgundy red. The growth is vigorous with abundant foliage. 4/- each.
Summer colour lacks character. May improve in autumn. 25 petals.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1940)  Page(s) 19.  
New Roses 1940.  Annie Drevet  (HT. Mallerin 1938) Long deep golden yellow buds which show an inner face of rich vermilion red when fully open. The growth is vigorous with strong stems. 4/- each.
An attractive colour but blooms have only 55 petals.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1939)  Page(s) 36.  
New Roses 1939. Dickson's Delight (HT. A. Dickson & Sons 1938). Vivid orange, heavily shaded scarlet orange in the bud. Pleasantly scented moderate sized blooms with lovely bronze green foliage and stems, and free and erect growth.  A striking novelty of the most brilliant orange colour yet seen in roses.  4/- each.
12-15 petals.  Disappointing. 

The Book of the Peony (Jan 1917)  Page(s) 62.  
...Maud L. Richardson, which is among the tallest peonies, often growing five feet high.

The Book of the Peony (Jan 1917)  Page(s) 61.  
...Milton Hill, another of the finest pink peonies.

The Book of the Peony (Jan 1917)  Page(s) 61.  
A good example of Richardson's work is Walter Faxon, conspicious for its pure and beautiful rose-colour.
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