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Initial post today by Michael Garhart
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Initial post today by Alexday
I'm really concerned as to why a rose that is introduced in 2017 has already developed crown gall and is showing severe markings of Mosaic Virus. From my understanding, the growers 'Certified Roses' is the one who bred and introduced this rose. Did they really bud it onto virused stock and distribute their rose to the masses like that? Is it just me, or is that REALLY negligent for a rose introduced in 2017??!!

Maybe they could have tried to keep it own-root and maybe up the price a little to keep it clean? I'm no expert, but there surely are growers out there taking an initiative to only distribute virus free roses, and UCD sells virus free root stocks of all sorts.

I got this rose and potted it in a large tub with a fresh bag of potting soil. So far the blooms are pretty but scarce. I can't really give this rose a fair review because it came to me virused and with crown gall in its roots that developed to the size of a baseball.
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Initial post yesterday by HubertG
Rose Listing Omission


I found this in the 1901 catalogue of 'Childs' Rare Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit.' page 35

"New Rose, Dorothie. One of the most beautiful of Roses. Color hard to describe, but perfection in tint. It is a sport from Perle des Jardins, and is a lovely mingling of pink and tawny buff. A warm lovely color, but lacking the coppery red found in Sunset. A very distinct and valuable variety. The finest of the Perle family. Foliage as handsome as the flower. With us it has proved to be an extra free bloomer, and we regard it as one of the very finest of Tea Roses. 30c each; 2 for 50c; 5 for $1.00."

There is an engraving of the flower accompanying the description.
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Thanks HubertG. ‘Dorothie’ added.
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Initial post yesterday by Mariano Saviello
Dear all,

This is a summary of the message I received from KORDES ROSEN, regarding HT ‘Isabel de Ortíz’ (Reimer Kordes, Germany, 1962).

“Isabel de Ortiz is the beautiful family member of the head gardener Ramón Ortiz Ferré, who takes care of the urban facilities such as the Parque del Oeste in Madrid with effort and much enthusiasm.
That is why it was the desire of the leading circles in the International Competition for New Roses of the City of Madrid (CONCURSO INTERNACIONAL ROSAS NUEVAS VILLA DE MADRID) that she should be godmother for this new breed.”

Reply #1 of 2 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Thank you Mariano. I just can’t bring myself to add this “godmother” tripe, but have added the basic details of who the lady was to the main page.
Reply #2 of 2 posted yesterday by Mariano Saviello
Thank you very much for your interest, Patricia! :)
Kind regards from BA.
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