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Initial post today by Michael Garhart
I'm probably among the few that dislike this rose.

I don't particularly like the habit, and it defoliates from BS greatly here in NW Oregon.

I prefer its descendent Sparkle n Shine. The scent is a lot nice, and the color is A+. BS isn't an issue for it here. It, however, can be a little more cold tender.

Or Sunsprite, which is the old stand by. It does its job and smells nice. It's more cold hardy than both. At least here.
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Initial post yesterday by ac91z6
Sounds like this rose would be a good addition to Kordes' Arborose collection. Would anyone know offhand roughly how much time between a roses' patent and introduction? I see Kordes got 'Alaska' a US patent in Apr. of this year.
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Initial post 2 days ago by jeffbee
Could anyone tell me how big is the blossom? 4 inches? thx
This rose seems to blossom in clusters, other than single head, right?
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Yes. 4 inches wide. And yes, in clusters of 5 to 9.
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Initial post yesterday by Elizabethspetals
Beautiful, Janine! I grow Mel’s Heritage as well, here in So CA. I do not ever get the brighter pink color your plant shows on the right side of your photo. I get some that look like the few half opened blooms on the lower left side of your photo. Mine are mostly a light pink color, although the unopened buds are a very bright coral pink. I wonder if this is due to the difference in the intensity of the sun in Southern California vs. Germany? Do you find that you get this brighter pink in the cooler temperatures and a lighter pink in warmer and sunnier periods? Anyway, it’s a lovely photo. I had a look at some of your other rose pictures. You have some real beauties! Lisa
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