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Magazine for garden lovers (1940)  Page(s) vol 20, p. 451.  
My Garden: The intimate magazine for garden lovers, Volume 20, page 451 (1940 )
China Roses
W. L. Carter
R. chinensis mutabilis to which Mr. Marriott refers is identical with the Tipo Ideale and R. mutabilis I mentioned in my article. Another of its synonyms is R. turkestanica, although its association with Turkestan is obscure. I believe very little is known of its history. The late E. A. Bunyard said a drawing of it by Redouts was in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, which gives it well over a century. Apart from that, I cannot recall any early reference to this undeniably attractive rose. It has been suggested that Tipo Ideale is of Italian origin, and it is a fact that around the beginning of last century Villaresi, who was superintendent of the Archducal gardens at Monza in Northern Italy, was much interested in China roses, and raised about two dozen new varieties. With me it was not nearly so hardy as other China roses this winter and was badly cut, although the bushes have made fair new growth during the spring and summer.

Ludwig's Roses (21 Aug 2018)  Includes photo(s).
Lago Maggiore KORonabaj  Egg shaped buds develop into large, globular blooms; outer petals reflex to sharp point; incurved inner petals remain loosely folded over. Unusual; intense silver-lilac blooms are produced individually or in clusters of 3; excellent vase life; fresh green leaves; stems have no prickles & sprout untiringly during whole season. 

Ludwig's Roses (21 Aug 2018)  Includes photo(s).
Dermalogica Passion DELludfra (N) An exceptional rose with incredibly big, glossy leaves, long straight stems and huge, full petalled blooms with an exuberant fragrance. An individual plant will make a statement, so much more when planted in groups or rows. ‘Dermalogica’ is passionate about healing skin and is driven by education and research and so deserves a rose that speaks its language. 

Ludwig's Roses (21 Aug 2018)  Includes photo(s).
Centennial Rose LUDsporhekaar(N) Golden coloured, egg shaped buds open slowly into very large, full & quartered blooms of yester-year; many firm petals exude moderate fragrance; excellent as cut flowers to decorate the home; vigorous, neat growing plant; free flowering, robust rose, ideally suited in mixed rose beds, as small group plantings or even in bold mass beds. 

Ludwig's Roses (21 Aug 2018)  Includes photo(s).
Born-2-Care KORakucap. A modern antique-looking rose producing long stems with mostly three medium sized, firm petalled blooms incurved in the centre displaying the nostalgic shape of the olden days. The colouring is a blend of silver and pink. They make superb cut owers. The bush grows rigidly upright and mixes well in beds of hybrid tea roses. 

Ludwig's Roses (21 Aug 2018)  Includes photo(s).
Addo Heritage POUdotage Green-pink guard petals protect round buds which unfold into a symmetrical egg shaped bloom; coral pink intensifies as bloom exposes layers of narrow petals until open rosette shape of an old fashioned rose is reached. Huge open blooms will outlast all other cut roses; vigorous, tall, loosely spreading shrub; long stemmed blooms; plant as a hedge. 

Ludwig's Roses (21 Aug 2018)  Includes photo(s).
March 2011 marked the 40th anniversary of Ludwig’s Roses and to celebrate it we have selected a rose to commemorate our four decades of rose growing. At a brunch held for the editors of magazines and newspapers who have supported us through the years, they suggested the name ‘Our Anniversary’ and we thought that was a really good name!
‘Our Anniversary’ is an Eco-Chic disease resistant rose with large, full, strong pink blooms in the old fashioned shape of our Antico Moderno rose range. The flowers are fragrant and are carried on nice pickable stems. They last well in the vase as well as on the bush. It is particularly suitable for growing in a container because of its spreading, arching growth.

Rosen-Zeitung (1886)  Page(s) 103.  
Neue Rosen für das Jahr 1887.
Archiduchesse Marie Immaculata. (Madame Lambard x Socrates). Strauch kräftig, Blume gross, gefüllt, schöne Form, Umfangsblumenblätter breit; Kolorit hellziegelrot mit leuchtend Lachsfarbe nuancirt; Centrum leuchtend goldzinnober, ausserordentlich wohlriechend. Ausgezeichnete Neuheit.

New Roses for 1887.
Tea Rose.
Archiduchesse Marie Immaculata. (Madame Lambard x Socrates). Bush vigorous, flower large, double, beautiful shape, outer petals broad; colouring light brick red nuanced with bright salmon colour; centre bright gold-vermilion, extraordinarily fragrant. Excellent novelty.

Kordes Rosen (20 Aug 2018)  Includes photo(s).
Hybrid tea rose Feurio. Bushy-erect growth habit like a shrub rose, hybrid tea with very doubled, high-centered flowers with intense color play, mostly in clusters. Decorated with ADR-label in 2016 for excellent disease resistance.

Kordes Rosen (20 Aug 2018)  
With her golden yellow flowers with red edges 'Flaming Star' is totally in line with current trend of bicoloured roses. This rose with its high disease resistance and compact to erect growth provides an ideal complement to the Eleganza© assortment. La Roa die Bambini in Rome and Prize of the public in Barcelona.
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