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Bishop's Lodge Rose Listing (29 Oct 2003)  
"Bishop's Lodge Sydney Linton" named for the first Bishop of Riverina, Sydney Linton. A tall, Hybrid Perpetual style of rose with very large, strong pink, cupped and scented. Recurrent. Initially identified as 'Paul Neyron', 1869 but recent research suggests that this is a different rose.

The Joy of Roses (2004)  Page(s) 134.  Includes photo(s).
 "Sydney Linton". This rose was found growing at Bishop's Lodge at Hay, NSW, Australia....One feature that may be significant is that the outer petals and sepals are often fused, as seen here.

Heritage Roses In Australia Journal (2002)  Page(s) 23. Vol 24, No. 3.  
David Ruston. ....Brenda Weir] would never give a rose a name unless she was absolutely sure. When a number of experts visiting Hay put the name of 'Paul Neyron' to Bishop's Lodge Sydney Linton Brenda was sure it was not. Although the flowers are similar, the habit of growth is so different. 'Sydney Linton' is a huge grower with a massive spring blooming. I consider 'Sydney Linton' the greatest of all Hybrid Perpetuals, praise indeed. When Steve Scaniello was at the garden last November, he was sure it was 'American Beauty', the first cut flower variety grown by the millions in the USA under glass to decorate the bosoms of countless debutantes. We have sent lots of photographs to him, but so far no reply. I will try to get budwood from the USA to try the two roses together.

Heritage Roses In Australia Journal (2004)  Page(s) 11. Vol 26, No. 2.  
Sue Zwar.    We had another look around Bishop’s Lodge where we were amazed at how neatly the garden is kept – it looked nearly as good as it had been during the Rose Convention!  BL Sydney Linton still had a few flowers, not as big as the spring flush but stll quite beautiful and many of the [other] roses had plenty of colourful hips, especially the Alister Clarks.

Heritage Roses In Australia Journal (2012)  Page(s) Vol 34, No. 3.  Includes photo(s).
p2.  Photo caption.    “Bishop’s Lodge Sydney Linton” is like ‘Paul Neyron’ on steroids.  Possibilities discussed have included a climbing form of ‘Paul Neyron’ and ‘American Beauty’.

p17.  Steve Beck.  Big is Beautiful.
Many think the Bishop’s Lodge rose “Sydney Linton” (ROR) could be ‘American Beauty’.

Heritage Roses In Australia Journal (2014)  Page(s) 50. Vol 36, No. 4.  
Steve Beck.  ….400mm of rain our region received in August has produced the best spring flowering I have ever seen from our roses.    And Sydney Linton managed blooms of almost 170mmn after spending nearly two weeks in August sitting in 150mm of water!!

Roses and Friends (13 Jan 2019)  
Website/Catalog  (13 Jan 2019)  
American Beauty. (syn. “Sydney Linton” (ror)).(hp). Huge, fully double, cupped; rose pink. Exquisite fragrance. Tall, upright growth to 2m+. Originally released in 1875 as Mme. Ferdinand Jamin.

Das kleine Rosenblatt (Aug 1974)  Page(s) 44.  
International Rose Novelties Competition 1974 in Baden-Baden....
Fragrant Rose 1974 with Gold Award
HT, 4217-3 (pink), Poulsen, Denmark

Das kleine Rosenblatt (Aug 1974)  Page(s) 44.  
International Rose Novelties Competition 1974 in Baden-Baden....
Hybrid polyantha, HAV - 7667, Verschuren & Sons, Holland, 76.24 points, Bronze

Das kleine Rosenblatt (Aug 1974)  Page(s) 44.  
International Rose Novelties Competition 1974 in Baden-Baden....
Floribunda, GDR - 6569, De Ruiter, Holland, 76.48 points, Bronze
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