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Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1928)  Page(s) 27.  
New Roses 1928. Comtesse de Castilleja (Pernetiana. C. Chambard,1926) An ideal bedding Rose. Growth vigorous and erect, with free branching habit and beautiful mildew-resisting foliage very free and continuous in bloom. Superb long bud. Colour orange flamed vermilion, passing to golden coral as the flower expands The blooms are large, perfectly formed and very highly perfumed.
Moderate grower: fruit scent, and colour very variable. 18 petals.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1928)  Page(s) 27.  
New Roses 1928. Climbing Radiance (HT. H. J. Catt, 1928) In so many countries of the world ‘Radiance’ is the most popular Garden Rose, and now a real climbing sport is in commerce, we feel sure this new variety will become equally popular. Very vigorous grower. In all other respects like its parent, producing carmine pink, sweetly scented blooms in great profusion.
There is also a sport of this variety from overseas, but the one offered is a N.S.W. introduction. Recommended.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1928)  Page(s) 27.  
New Roses 1928. Bedford Crimson ( HT. Laxton Bros. 1926) Rich velvety crimson; the blooms are reflexed and carried on long stiff stems; a Rose with plenty of substance, possessing the true old rose scent and free flowering.
So far has not shown surprising quality in any way.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1928)  Page(s) 27.  
New Roses 1928. Antonio Relleri de Peluffo (Pernetiana. Soupert & Notting 1926) FIower full, of enormous size and delicious perfume. Colour brilliant red with deeper shading in the centre, carried on rigid stem. Vigorous erect branching growth, free and continuous flowering.
Colour shades to purplish rose. 75 petals.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1928)  Page(s) 27.  
New Roses 1928. Amami (HT. W Easlea & Sons 1927) A new and very beautiful tint of soft peach pink. In the bud stage the colouring is exquisite The open flowers are very large, fairly full, and with large petals of firm texture. Very free flowering. Large, light green foliage, few thorns, stout erect stems. Very vigorous, but not too much so.
Arrived late and has not flowered to date.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1928)  Page(s) 27.  
New Roses 1928. Alice Stern (HT. F. Gillet 1926) Vigorous and erect growth, and continuous blooming habit. Bud long and perfectly formed, carried on rigid peduncle. Flower very large, full, always opening well, and of long duration. Colour white with cream centre.
Weak foliage. Light yellow in bud stage. 35 petals

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1928)  Page(s) 27.  
New Roses 1928. Agnes Roggen (HT. M. Leenders & Co., 1926) A vigorous growing and continuous blooming variety that will be greatly esteemed for garden decoration and cut blooms. Colour carmine, inside of petals lilacy white. 'Radiance' type.
A good grower, but much like several others. 20 petals.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1928)  Page(s) 27.  
New Roses 1928. Abol (HT. F. Evans 1926) Pure white, but in the bud stage and before the flower is fully opened the centre petals are sometimes edged with pale pink Fine habit, very free flowering and hardy, with fine stems and good petals.
30 petals and rich sweet scent. This variety is somewhat like 'Marcia Stanhope'

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1928)  Page(s) 49.  
General List. Richard E. West (HT A. Dickson 1924) F. 3. .....semi-double. The colour fades in hot sun.

Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd (1928)  Page(s) 48.  
General List (60) Commonwealth (HT. Montgomery 1923) F. 3. .... Liable to blue, but nevertheless highly recommended. Sweet. Everywhere.
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