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'Mrs. M. H. Walsh' rose References
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 399.  
Mrs. W.H. Walsh Rambler, Flowers pure show-white [w], 1913, Walsh... foliage large, glossy... trailing growth...
Book  (1943)  
p23 R. Marion Hatton. The Walsh Ramblers.
Instead of the mildewing 'Mrs. M. H. Walsh', which is in reality a trailer and not a Climber....

p24 ibid. 'Mrs. M. H. Walsh'. (1913.) Double. Pure snow-white, great clusters. Mildews.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 746.  
Walsh, Mrs. M. H. (hybrid wichurana) Walsh 1913; pure white, lasting, large, double, very large clusters, once- very floriferous blooming, large glossy green foliage, growth 8/10, climbing, 3 m.
Article (misc)  (1935)  Page(s) 111.  
Mrs. M.H. Walsh has little white rosettes on a trailing plant with small, shiny foliage... it makes a splendid ground-cover
Website/Catalog  (1914)  Page(s) 9.  
New Roses of other Raisers, 1913. The descriptions are those of the Raisers.
Climbing Wichuraiana.
Mrs. M. H. Walsh (Walsh). -- Pure milk white; vigorous free growth of typical Wichuraiana habit, large full flowers in large clusters. The finest white cluster rose. 1/6 each.
Website/Catalog  (1914)  Page(s) 33.  
Climbing Roses for Conservatory.
For conservatory climbing we can supply strong plants specially grown for this purpose. The undernoted varieties can be supplied in pots, strong plants 6-ft to 14-ft. long.
7-inch Pots, 3/6. 8-inch Pots, 5/- to 7/6.
Mrs. M. H. Walsh, white.
Book  (1914)  Page(s) 81.  
A Descriptive List of the Newer Roses.  1910-1913.
Mrs. M. H. Walsh (Wichuraiana), Walsh, 1912. — Pure white. — Vigorous climber. — Pillar, arch, pergola. — A promising white wichuraiana.
Book  (1913)  Page(s) 101.  
Wichuraiana Ramblers. By Dr. A. H. Williams, Vice-President N.R.S.
New Varieties.
...though I have not yet been able to give them a full trial, I have marked, as likely to be worth special notice, the following:
Mrs. M. H. Walsh. — Snow-white double rosettes.
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