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'Allegra' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 14 JUN 13 by Leene
I planted this rose as a tiny band in September 2012, but I'm already very fond of her. She lived and grew buried under three feet of snow even though she was only six inches tall when I planted her. Even though she is still tiny, she's produced a large and gorgeous flower that withstood tropical storm remnants with barely a blemish while the rest of my roses turned to mush.

I have a big problem with rose slugs ruining the buds on my Gallicas, but they didn't touch Allegra. For some reason, only the Paul Barden Hybrid Gallicas seem to make it through the season with their buds intact. It's a good thing they're so pretty!
Reply #1 of 3 posted 27 FEB 15 by guy de jersey
Dear Leene

I hope you can help.

I trying very hard to acquire a cutting of the Allegra rose.

Very dear friends of ours daughter 16 year old daughter died suddenly two weeks ago, her name was Allegra.

Her favourite colour was pink and she attended a school in England called St Swithuns.

We wish to donate a cutting to her school as the pupils miss her a great deal and we wish to plant a bed of roses at her home for her parents.

To date we have been unable to find a supplier with any stock, added to this we are based in the UK.

Would you consider selling us some cuttings which we could ship to England or do you know of a supplier with stock?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Guy de Jersey
Reply #2 of 3 posted 27 FEB 15 by Leene

I'm so sorry to hear about Allegra. I wish I could help you out with finding a cutting, but unfortunately I would need a special license to ship plants without breaking the law. Even if I had one, my rose is still very small (only 2 canes) and I don't think I'd be able to propagate it. It's a very slow grower. As far as I know, the only nursery that carries the rose is Rogue Valley Roses. I think it might be an exclusive.They don't have it in stock right now, and I'm not sure if they ship outside the US.

I wish I could be of more help. I'm terribly sorry.

Reply #3 of 3 posted 28 FEB 15 by Patricia Routley
Another HelpMefind member in Moscow, Russia, says she grows it. In the 'Allegra' file, look up GARDENS. You might like to send her a private message.
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Initial post 23 JUN 10 by Cavallo
2010 season: Buds balling from rain, but there's such a quantity of them it's not such a tragedy. Also, many of them seem to be occurring singly on longish stalks - excellent for cutting. It's a bouquet factory.
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Initial post 22 JUN 09 by Cavallo
First full season in the ground, and for such a small plant, it's blooming profusely. I've noticed the scent to be highly variable. Many of the blooms have smelled like Duchesse de Montebello with a sort of subtle, sweet, candy-like overlay. Early this morning, however, the most recent bloom to open smells powerfully and unmistakably of anise. I'd have said so even if I hadn't been expecting it based on the description here - it's that obvious. Very interesting. A rose to serve with absinthe!
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