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'Portlandia' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 28 JUN 07 by Unregistered Guest
PORTLANDIA climber is not easily found in nurseries but if you do, buy it!
It is a wonderful rose! This is its second year in Western NC (Zone 6B) and it is growing very well and hasn't stopped blooming. The blossoms are smaller than most roses but the coloring (hard to describe pink/peach/apricot with a glowing yellow center), number of petals, fragrance make them a pure delight. It is growing on a trellis along with clematis: Texensis Princess Diana and together what a show they produce! When I enjoy a combination like this I tend to want to reproduce it in another location in the garden so will be buying more. Our drought brought out the spider mites but that is black spot or mildew.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 21 FEB 17 by cakemiks
We are trying out Portlandia on a SW facing trellis, in a very dry bed with hot afternoon sun. I already have a Niobe clematis on the same trellis.

I hope the combo works out as well for us as you say it did for you. We are also in Western NC, in Asheville and it would be great to hear about other roses that have done well in your garden. We grow over a hundred varieties of roses mixed with lots of other plants in our ~1/2 acre garden. (I hope HMF gets this message to you even though you commented as an unregistered guest.)
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Initial post 31 JUL 07 by Tesseract
I'm in Zone 5; Great Lakes area. I reeceived two Portlandia climbers in May 2007, from company in Oregon. They were stressed upon arrival. Still (July 31) small and sickly: less than 18-inches high, yellow leaves and still losing over half of them. I have the own-root variety and will only go that route. Has anyone found such from other sources. I've seen sport (grafted) versions in retail nurseries, but I believe the own-root variety is still only available via Oregon. Received other varieties from same source (in May) and replacements (mid-June): all still very small and sickly. The problem is not my location or soil; other roses in same location, received from SC company, is doing super (four-feet high and healthy).
Reply #1 of 2 posted 12 FEB 11 by Torachan
I know it is 4 years later but Roses Unlimited carries some Clements roses .
Reply #2 of 2 posted 14 FEB 11 by Unregistered Guest
Yuppers - the do. I found them (Roses Unlimited) a couple-years-ago. Very happy with the health, size, and longevity of the own-root roses they ship. I just bought five more climbers from them last spring (2 Harlekin, 1 Iceberg, 1 Don Juan, and 1 - oops - "mystery rose" that was supposed to be a Red Eden but ended up being a tea-type). They are all well over 6-feet tall in the FIRST YEAR (well, the iceberg is a bit smaller - about 4-feet tall -- and the "mystery rose" is so big at 9 feet, that I had to move it to another location in my yard in late October. All of them are continual bloomers in the locations that I have them. Granted, these are planted in the sunniest part of my yard. I moved the "mystery rose" to a more-shady area -- where the American was not doing well. I moved my American to where my - other - Red Eden was doing poorly - and I moved my Red Eden to the sunny location. Since the "mystery rose" is so hardy and growing like mad -- we'll see how it does next year in the new location.
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Initial post 10 MAY 05 by Idaho Rose Society
Named for the copper statue in Portland, Oregon which is second only in
size to the Statue of Liberty. This outstanding shrub rose or climbing
rose has an old-fashioned look. Its many petaled blooms show a rich
golden apricot center which shades to pink and cream. The blooms have a
fruity fragrance and are produced in good sized clusters on long stems
so that you may cut one cluster and fill a vase. Dark green, leathery
foliage. Can be grown as a shrub rose or as a climbing rose can grow to
10 feet. Continuous bloom, very disease resistant and hardy zones 5-10.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 7 OCT 09 by oakslesly
The rose described here sounds like what I am looking for--what is it called? I live in Ventura County, southern California. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 8 OCT 09 by Unregistered Guest
The name of this rose is Portlandia. It is a climbing rose and can be purchased Own root from
Reply #3 of 4 posted 8 OCT 09 by Amy's Idaho Rose Garden
Portlandia is the name of this rose. It is a climber and can be purchased I believe on root from
Reply #4 of 4 posted 8 OCT 09 by oakslesly
Thank you SO MUCH for this information! It is truly appreciated. I was hoping someone would see my post asap. I will definitely check it out. Once again, thanks so much.
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Initial post 23 JUL 08 by Nijojo
Has anyone tried this as a cut flower? How long do the blooms last?
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