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'Tausendschön' rose References
Book  (2000)  Page(s) 586.  Includes photo(s).
‘Tausendschön’ (syn. ‘Thousand Beauties’, ‘Merveille’) - Grimpant liane – tons roses. Description.. Schmidt, Allemagne, 1906. ‘Daniel Lacombe’ x ‘Weiser Herumstreicher’.
Book  (Apr 1999)  Page(s) 555.  
Tausendschön Multiflora. Hermann Kiese 1906
Book  (Dec 1998)  Page(s) 586.  Includes photo(s).
Tausendschön ('Thousand Beauties') Rambler. Schmidt 1906. Description... loose clusters of quite large, double, pink flowers with white centers...
Book  (1994)  Page(s) 1, 114.  Includes photo(s).
p. 1: [Photo]
p. 114: [Photo]
Book  (Sep 1993)  Page(s) 394.  Includes photo(s).
Tausendschön ('Thousand Beauties') Rambler. Schmidt (Germany) 1906. Description. [It earned] its name from the freedom with which, late in spring, it adorns its thornless branches with clusters of smallish, prettily cup-shaped flowers... notably disease resistant. 'Echo' is one of its sports. Parentage: 'Daniel Lacombe' x 'Weisser Herumstreicher'.
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 597.  
Tausendschön Hybrid Multiflora, pink blend (deep rose-pink, center white), 1906, ('Thousand Beauties'); 'Daniel Lacombe' x 'Weisser Herumstreicher'; Schmidt, J.C. Description.
Book  (Feb 1993)  Page(s) 149.  Includes photo(s).
Tausendschön ('Thousand Beauties') Polyantha climber. Parentage: 'Daniel Lacombe' x 'Weisser Herumstreicher'. Germany 1906. Description and cultivation... Bears large, double, loose clusters of pink flowers with white towards the centre...
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 147.  Includes photo(s).
('Tausendschön', 'Thousand Beauties') A shrub or Climber. The flowers show an enchanting variation in colour. Schmidt (Germany) 1906. ('Daniel Lacombe' x 'Weisser Herumstreicher').
Book  (1947)  Page(s) 248.  
Tausendschon (wichuraiana rambler) includes in its thousand beauties a slight but sweet fragrance, soft pink double flowers flushed with rose, soft green attractive foliage which fittingly frames its huge clusters of flowers; and among such beauty no thorn appears to mar. Schmidt 1907...Climber. Slightly fragrant...June-September. Hardy.
Book  (1937)  Page(s) 45.  
Tausendschön Mult. (Daniel Lacombe X Weisser Herumstreicher)
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